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I'm all for saving water and everything, but talk about a buzz kill (not to mention a not-so-subtle reminder that my love life was in the crapper).

Yet beer goggles and vibrating strobe lights make any hippie tough to spot in the crowd.

In today's age of inconvenient truths, unearthing a mindful mate has never been easier.

The growth of the green movement has spurred a surge in eco-themed dating sites, matchmaking services, and networking events.

It's fun and you'll feel good for lifting a finger.

Plus you may meet a burly young eco-hunk, and nothing breaks the ice like sweaty tree planting.


  1. Feb 4, 2009. For most of us, this is easier said than done--even when you aren't narrowing the field down to eco-minded singles--which makes finding a date who shares your enthusiasm for all things green nearly impossible. Let the internet do the hard part for you by signing up for green dating sites like Green Singles.

  2. Feb 20, 2018. Report showing the best and worst places to find eco-friendly for green singles. Includes expert input from Jill Crosby, founder and owner of the Conscious Dating Network.

  3. Jul 30, 2009. Living a green lifestyle and pursuing ecologically-minded interests also comes with automatic entrance into a massive and diverse club of idealistic, passionate and switched-on men and women, and the opportunity to forge new and life-affirming friendships and relationships. Dating. Having tried websites.

  4. The LA Eco Chaine of Dating Social-Climber's Version. According to my friend, Marci. This. "The Eco-Chain of Dating Life in LA". by Courtney Hamilton. When I. was. PROLOGUE. How to be an Adult. THE DREAM The big house with a pool and a maid. And or cabana boy. The Reality. THE REALITY One bedroom on.

  5. JOIN NOW and let us help YOU! Natural Friends was created in 1985 as the UK's first 'green' dating and friendship service. Since then we have helped thousands of singles to find LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and HAPPINESS. We believe Natural Friends is the best online dating site for environmentally-sensitive, country-loving.

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