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You will eventually get the right guy.” Clearly back then I knew it was difference but I didn’t know 100% what exactly that difference was, thanks to The Rules, women world-wide all know or if they don’t, they could be learning what we already now know even as you read this blog!

The CUAO’s mind-set is vastly different, she’s human so she may have her days of feeling not so nice and everything spice, so she uses daily affirmations.

The reason we use affirmations regularly is so that we continuously remind ourselves of who we truly are – because we forget so easily and it takes a constant process of subconscious “mental reprogramming “to renew our minds into positive thinking to bring about this new positive mind – set and mental attitude!

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Being a creature unlike any other is really an attitude, a sense of confidence and radiance that permeates your being from head to toe.“All Masters of the CUAO phenomenon, understand many fundamental principles but this fundamental principle is at the heart of being, which is: No matter how close you are to others, ladies make sure your very best friend is yourself! Ladies, you cannot be comfortable in your own skin until you accept yourself flaws and all.Women with low self-esteem and other women who have no self-esteem know that your level of self-esteem can spill into other areas of your life, whether you are willing to accept it or not – it’s true!Low self-esteem or no self-esteem can cause all sorts of problems like, depression, emotionally unstable personality disorder, and even leading up to suicide. Ladies you have a duty to do it for yourself and because your life including your sanity depends upon it, who remembers that story of that woman who called her boyfriend over 100 times on the news and it went around on social media?Don’t be like that, develop the tools you need to be a balanced and happy woman.Remember manners and etiquette are not the same thing. Etiquette is what you do when you are present under certain circumstances. The creature unlike any other behaves this way at all times and therefore, carries herself as a lady!She is feminine in her gestures because she has mastered the Art of femininity.In my world of psychology we have 2 types of mind-sets that we believe exists. This woman that Ellen and Sherrie including myself and other rules coaches describe as a C. This is one of the reasons why I created CUAO Dating for you all.If you scroll back up to re-read the above quote from The Rules Book or get your Rules Manual out and read Rule 1 slowly, you will pick out the other components that set her apart from other average women. She has impeccable table and dating etiquette (i.e., not slurping your drink and not burping out loud).Once you fall in-love with yourself (i.e, you’re not proud, self-obnoxious and 100% self-obsessed), do the work necessary to meet Mr Right and love your life as it is – everything else will follow, that’s why it’s Rule 1 because it starts at home with you. Allow yourself to truly become intimate with your inner-self and have an inner experience where self-love is born leading you into the CUAO mind-set.Many readers, ladies at a few support meetings I have attended recently have spoken a lot about their self-hate and struggling to achieve their goals and etc.


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