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If a current item provides 100 DPS and the next 3 are listed at 102, 105 and 125 then you can make the logical choice to not bother wasting time on the next 2 very slight upgrade items, but instead focus on the largest DPS upgrade item.For many players this makes gear choices much easier, since it is not always clear how much damage crit adds compared to hit, haste, attack power or spell power.This site is a character comparison site that attempts to relate gear, gems, and enchants to a gear score.In addition it shows which gear, gems, and enchants can be upgraded and where you can find those upgrades.

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These sites are not for everyone, as many players simply seek to play the game.While this site initially started as a DPS only site, they have several classes healing builds online as well.This allows you to rate healing gear for those classes as well.This site provides a second set of eyes to look over and point out what can be improved.One great use for a site like this is when forced to PUG players for a raid or instance.However if you are hit capped, then further hit gear does not help you, it hurts you by taking item points that could be allocated to some other useful stat and continues to put them into hit.This means that you constantly need to refresh your list based on current stats as you change gear and enchants around.One important thing to keep in mind is that to be truly representational you can not just accept the default stats that the site inputs.You really need to import your own characters stats to get the best match.A prime example of when this is critical is when a DPS character is hit capped.When not hit capped, the site ranks hit gear very heavily since you need to be hit capped to do maximum damage in raids.


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