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Security perforators use plated dies to punch dotted words, abbreviations, and/or numbers into documents.

Time and date stampers electronically mark documents or time cards for tracking purposes.Will also stamp date, name, title and your cuustom text information.The New KON Perforating Machines provide that extra degree of document protection needed in today’s business world.Unlike stampers, perforations can't be hidden or erased.Machines for stamping or indenting numbers up to eleven digits.Solid-state circuitry assures consistent impression every time. Easy change ribbons advance and reverse automatically.Rugged die-cast case, sturdy lock to prevent tampering.The perfect solution for for applying seals, registrar's signature, licensing information and other secure, repeative custom inprints.The Widmer RS series validators apply seals and imprints with ink or raised lettering.Attractively priced; costs less than other comparable electric perforators.Rugged Construction: made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy die casting.


  1. Office machines needed for daily repetitive task operations. Embosser, Presentation equipment, Security Perforators, Time Stamp Machines, Date Stamp Machines.

  2. Description Widmer Time For You, Dot Matrix Electronic time Recorder, Time Stamp and Numbering Machine Model T-4U The Widmer T-4U is one of the most.

  3. Check Signers-Writers Widmer. For. record stock transactions and banks for validating deposit tickets since then we have expanded. Machines. Supplies.

  4. Widmer Date Stamps;. Validating Machines. Machines print automatically when paper is inserted. Solid-state circuitry assures consistent impression every time.

  5. Ideal for checking and validating in mailrooms, pharmacies and hospitals, marking dockets and packages in transit, quality control validation.

  6. A bank depository which provides a depositor with a validated receipt ticket evidencing that a deposit has been made, employs an envelope, in which the.

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