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Who is sushmita sen dating now

Of course, both beauties went on to win their respective titles, with Sushmita Sen bagging the distinction of being the first Indian woman to become Miss Universe.Although not considered a conventional beauty, Sush’s distinct good looks and classy demeanour floored everyone.But as she says in the above quote, if such a man doesn’t appear, she’s perfectly fine on her own.In 2010, in an interview with a major national daily, Sush said the following, “I will go for a biological baby because the clock is ticking for me.” This was after she had adopted two girls, one only months ago.

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She doesn’t need a man in her life to buy her a diamond!Renee means ‘to be born again,’ and that’s exactly how Sush felt about adopting her baby daughter, claiming that “it was the most significant event in her life.” Ten years later, Sush would go on to adopt another three month old girl.Sush has never denied the fact that being a single mother is hard, and that she is often faced with hard to answer questions like “Where is my daddy?Still, preferring the solace and peace of mind of staying at home does limit one’s opportunities to meet new people, make new connections, impeding a possible Sushmita Sen marriage, to say the least.Sure, introverts may nay-say and all, but that’s a hurdle, no?But the truth was that I didn’t have a single moment free. Sushmita Sen is a happy and proud single mother, but now with even Bips having finally tied the knot, one wonders what is going on in Sush’s life and whether a Sushmita Sen marriage – after having been on the cards for over a decade – is finally imminent.“Being in love is one thing, BEING love is everything” #sharing a rare shy me!!!! 😅😜💃🏻❤️😄 “Being in love is one thing, BEING love is everything” ❤️😊#sharing a rare shy me!!!! In the meantime, I think I have led a very exciting life.Not once in my life have I felt, ‘Oh god, I didn’t get married’.Earlier, the former Miss Universe had posted a few cryptic posts on social media which made us believe that she has found new love.She had captioned her post as, “When ‘He’ tells you the most beautiful things and REALLY means them!!!! ”When ‘He’ tells you the most beautiful things and REALLY means them!!!! A post shared by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on Marriage was always on the cards and will still stay on the cards unless proven otherwise.


  1. Apr 24, 2014. Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has reportedly been in a relationship for some time now. Sen's current partner is understood to be businessman Ritik Bhasin, a nightclub owner from Mumbai. The du has reportedly been going strong since last year. "Ritik owns a couple of nightclubs in Mumbai.

  2. Mar 4, 2016. Sushmita Sen was spotted on Friday night out-and-about with her hotelier boyfriend, Rithik Bhasin. Reports had surfaced back in October that the two had broken up; however, looks like all is well now and they've patched things up. Subscribe to Bombay Times Youtube channel here

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