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Who is phylicia rashad dating now

Rashad was there to celebrate the release of the Civil Rights drama Selma.

"What you're seeing is the destruction of a legacy. "I don't know why or who's doing it, but it's the legacy…and it's a legacy that is so important to the culture."Cosby’s recent contract for a Netflix special and a new NBC show that was in the works have been canceled or at least suspended, but Rashad believes that someone wants to “erase” him.

Turns out amateur Moore was an Oregon Duck while professional Rashad was a St. Guess those un-pleasantries on the British Isles aren’t politically incorrect enough to stop love in the White House.

A source familiar with the case tells me Johnson gets to keep her million-home at The Bears Club, Jack Nicklaus‘ fancy community in Jupiter, and Rashad keeps his 0,000-home in Frenchman’s Creek in Palm Beach Gardens.When asked why anyone would want to destroy Bill Cosby, she responded, “That’s my question, too.”Rashad’s words have reverberated far and wide, and while there has been the aforementioned criticism, she’s also being lauded by others who feel she’s dead-on in her “assessment” regarding the assassination of Dr. In the middle of all of that past suffering and present-day conflict, this Cosby bomb was dropped. No one seems to know who that is—or why they would want to do such a thing.Aside from general “They wanna bring a black man down” sentiments, there has yet to be any substantive argument for why this would be happening right now.They could be made public if either Rashad and Johnson fails to abide with the terms.— Former model Johnson, who reportedly made 0 million in her divorce from New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson, filed for an expedited procedure last month after she and Rashad, who once was married to ‘s Phylicia Rashad, signed off on a settlement.NBA broadcaster Ahmad Rashad and socialite Sale Johnson were officially divorced about 10 a.m. A spywitness at the Delray Beach courtroom said neither the 63-year-old football legend nor Johnson showed any emotion when a judge made it official.The former lovebirds’ prenuptial agreement and settlement papers were sealed.So maybe they spotted each other while entranced by the same sounds that animate the close friend of Rev.Jeremiah Wright, that Barack Hussein Obama always refers to by the honorific “Minister” Farrakhan, and that emanate from the book our Commander-in-Chief always refers to as the “holy” Koran.They know they will face either a swift backlash or deafening silence.Because Bill Cosby is a “great man.”Following Pulliam’s statements, a much more disconcerting statement came from Rashad, who shared the most screen time with Cosby on that show and its successor, the moderate CBS hit Cosby, and who’s still viewed as half of one of television’s most beloved partnerships.“Forget these women," Rashad told Roger Friedman of Showbiz411 during a luncheon at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan.


  1. NBA broadcaster Ahmad Rashad and socialite Sale Johnson were officially divorced about 10 a.m. today in a Palm Beach County family court. A spywitness at the Delray.

  2. Continue reading Ahmad Rashad’s Wealthy Wife Kicks Him. % of todays young Black men dating White. just probably wanted to hurt Phylicia Allen Rashad.

  3. Keep up to date with celebrity news, top stories, and 'Where Are They Now' profiles! DEAL OF THE DAY; WHERE ARE THEY NOW? TWITTER FEED;. Write To Phylicia Rashad

  4. Phylicia Rashad has been married and divorced three times and has two children from two of those marriages. After her last divorce it seems that she is now married to.

  5. Remember when former “Cosby Show” actressand now new “Empire” cast member, Phylicia Rashad 68, was married to NFL legend, Ahmad Rashad 67, back in the.

  6. Find where to watch Season 2 episodes of Cosby online now. Moviefone. find it. watch it. Phylicia Rashad dating advice and go looking for a few good men.

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