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Who is paula abdul currently dating

Here, just outside the peach-colored walls of her .2 million Spanish-style mansion above Beverly Hills, is a pond where rare Japanese fish flit back and forth beneath a gurgling fountain.Nearby, a winding pool leads to a sun-filled kitchen. Laker Girl burst onto the music scene with Forever Your Girl, a debut album that sold 12 million copies, produced four chart-topping singles and turned her into a star overnight.Dating each other for about a year, the couple tied the knot in 1996 in a lavish celebration at New England Carousel Museum in Connecticut.Unfortunately, their cordiality ended too, after a couple of years. Not encountered with any guys for a few years, she started to date Jeff Bratton in November 2010 until 2011.Paula Abdul has made earned herself a special position as a celebrity indulging in assorted fields.However, her personal life has been always kind of messy.

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WELCOME TO THE PALACE OF PAULA ABDUL, POP princess.And the airy dining room is fragrant with the smell of fresh-cut roses and tulips—and, Abdul suddenly notices, dog pee. ” For Abdul, 32, secrecy has at times been a way of sustaining pain. Since then, Abdul has experienced other highs: an Emmy for choreographing The Tracey Ullman Show, a Grammy for her Opposites Attract video, her 1992 marriage to actor Emilio Estevez. In 1991 her record company was sued by a backup singer who claimed that her voice had been used to enhance Abdul’s vocals; in 1994 her marriage to Estevez ended in divorce.“Oh, Punky,” she moans, scooping up her 1-year old Chihuahua. ” Then she stops, smiles and says, “Please don’t tell anyone my dog doesn’t have bladder control.” In fact, Abdul doesn’t give a hoot if the world knows her puppy’s secret. None of that, however, affected Abdul as deeply as the secret she has, until now, kept from almost everyone: her 15-year battle with bulimia.When she hit the higher end, she ate only salads and drank only diet soda.“A pound or two on a shorter person,” she has said, “is very different from what it is on a taller person.” Her parents assured her she looked fine.There, in addition to training in ballet and modern dance, she learned how many of her long-legged teachers stayed so lithe. “Don’t do that.” Abdul didn’t—for a couple of years.“They were all throwing up their food,” says Abdul. As a student at Van Nuys High School, she reached her full height—all of 62 inches—and weight: between 100 and 110 lbs.“The confidence I had when I was just plain anonymous Paula eroded,” she says.“Suddenly being Paula Abdul was not a very comfortable place to be.” In truth, it never was.The bigger the crowd, the harder she’d work.” When she was 8, Abdul started taking ballet lessons and comparing herself to other girls. “I was short and round.” It didn’t help that her instructor used Abdul as an example in a discussion on anatomical variations.“She pointed out that my body was different,” says Abdul. From then on I never felt right.” When she was 15, she received a scholarship to a dance camp near Palm Springs.


  1. Paula Abdul Photo Credit AP Photo. Quick Bytes. Genre. Pop / Rock. Much more archive information may be available dating back to 1999 in a Boxoffice history.

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