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Who is olga kurylenko dating now

“I felt so happy, I was so proud of myself,” she recalls.“Because my mother could never get these things and I got them, and I was 15.

“We make movies about the future but it’s always based on what we have.Yes, it's funny, it wasn't an action movie but it was physically tiring because the characters are always moving," she said of playing Marina."That's the way Terry films, he would tell us to never stop moving. If I would stop he would literally poke me physically."She continued: "Stillness is not his thing, he doesn't want anything still.Things have to just grow into something else and transcend from one thing into another."It's this constance movement and dance choreography.She got the Madame Figaro cover in March 1998, the Elle cover two years later.Then came the films: first low-key French pulp and then its noisier, more expensive, international equivalent.“He talks to you like he’s been your friend forever.” Kurylenko grew up in what is now Ukraine but what was then the Soviet Union, and does not have any fond childhood memories of watching her current co-star cheerfully bullseyeing Mi Gs from the cockpit of his F-14 in Top Gun (1986). Despite her father’s early departure, or perhaps because of it, her childhood memories are of a life of suffisance – her word – which in French can mean sufficiency, and also contentment. And nobody knew when they would bring the new stuff in.“I don’t remember seeing any of his movies as a kid,” she shrugs. But then the Soviet empire collapsed, and she recalls the 100-strong queues for groceries. It was the state of the country, it was how everybody lived.” As she conjures the past, Kurylenko’s voice grows quicker and deeper and her brow furrows vigorously. I couldn’t leave.” Except she could – thanks to her mother.Her next purchases were a VHS player, three tapes (Paris, Texas; The Tin Drum; “a French movie with Sophie Marceau”) and a mini hi-fi.When she brought them back home on the overnight train to Berdyansk, she felt like a conquering heroine returning with the spoils of war.Most of humanity has skedaddled, and Cruise and Riseborough’s characters have been left behind to clean up: two flesh-and-blood WALL-Es scavenging for valuable odds and ends while they wait for the call to rejoin the mother ship.Julia’s arrival does not square with the official account of what happened, Cruise’s lowly engineer starts to ask some big questions, and havoc, marshalled by Morgan Freeman’s Morpheus-like resistance leader, ensues.


  1. Mar 22, 2014. Actress Olga Kurylenko is a spokesperson for Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. To watch the latest campaign, visit bit.ly/WaldorfOlga.

  2. Mar 20, 2009. Olga remembers her own euphoria at doing the big stunts. "I'd never do it in my own life, so I just think, 'Hey, this is your chance, do it now'," she says. "Every night Daniel Craig was in the gym and I was amazed by his hard work. So I thought, 'OK, I'm going to do more. I'm just going kill myself in the gym'.

  3. Oct 9, 2012. It's an exceptionally hot early August morning in Los Angeles, and Olga Kurylenko is running late for ballet class after breakfasting on a seasonal veggie omelette at BLD. Luckily she's pushing. She's currently dating co-star Danny Huston, whom she met during Magic City's first season. Their relationship.

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