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Who is larry ellison dating

Another smart move by Ellison was his decision to modify the Oracle database so that it could handle video and multimedia data as well as just numbers and text.

Now called the Oracle Media Server, the program is well placed to exploit the growth of multimedia on the Internet.

Ellison claimed the offer was a joke but, when questioned, admitted that he had bought four Acuras in the previous year.

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Ellison is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, one of the world's three biggest software companies.The company, renamed Oracle, grew quickly throughout the decade, and the ambitious Ellison pushed his sales teams hard in order to consolidate the firm's position.He was quick to fire anyone whose performance didn't satisfy him, and became known for his authoritarian attitude towards staff.His self-confidence is legendary, and has led one critic to say that Ellison "needs a fork-lift to carry his ego around".His three divorces and fondness for fast cars are standard issue for a Silicon Valley billionaire, but even Bill Gates doesn't fly his own MIG- 29 jet fighter.He is, they say, resentful of Gates' fame and success, and cannot understand why the bespectacled boffin attracts more attention and respect than his hunky, elegant self.Ellison makes frequent attacks on Microsoft, and when Bill Gates revealed his plans to build a multimillion-dollar, hi-tech home on Lake Washington, he came up with a design for a building of his own, based on a Japanese monastery.Gates is generally seen as the ultimate computer nerd, and this may be the explanation for the almost obsessive nature of Ellison's rivalry with him.Many industry observers characterise Ellison as the sports jock who wants to beat up the nerdy Gates.However, his aggressive management style backfired in 1990, when it was discovered that sales teams had been counting advance orders as actual income in order to meet Ellison's demanding sales targets.Oracle almost went bankrupt, but Ellison brought in a new management team that turned the company around, and it now has annual revenues of more than bn.


  1. Opening Night Report Larry Ellison's New Malibu. It seems Ellison and his other investors have booked out most of the available tables for dinner on Thursday.

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