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Who is carter oosterhouse dating

"I developed this stomach ulcer, something I'd never had before, and was hospitalized for a week," she says.

"I kept beating myself up psychologically — that I was nothing but a prostitute.

"I'm not looking to be litigious or for money," she says.

"I just want to set the record straight about what happened to me." Since 2008, Oosterhouse has hosted several other shows (including HGTV's .

A friend, Shelley Wunder-Smith, confirmed that Kaminsky shared her account with them in the years that followed the end of her tenure on .

Kaminsky's mother, Sara Levy, had flown to Los Angeles to visit her daughter in the hospital. "I was afraid to tell my mom because she had worked in the industry and she had said to me, ' Make yourself indispensable, no matter what,'" says Kaminsky.

' I said I did and in fact would like to work more, handling more of his personal appearances outside the show. But you need to do something for me.'" Kaminsky says she interpreted the conversation as imperiling her professional relationship with him, which at that point defined her career and livelihood."He took away the joy that I got from doing makeup," she says."I just had no confidence." Carter Oosterhouse's full statement: First off, let me say that I am very passionate about what is a happening right now with the #metoo movement, especially because I have so many strong woman in my life, like my wife, mother, sister and of course my little baby girl.And the longer this went on, the less he would allow me to do my job.If I wanted to step in and touch up his hair and powder, he would push me away." Kaminsky claims director Patrick Jager, who was unaware of the situation, cited her absence when he told her at the end of the year that she'd be replaced for the next season.(Hutchison didn't respond to a request for comment.) After she informed Hutchison of her allegations, Kaminsky claims Oosterhouse called her and apologized, stating, "' I'm so sorry.I thought it was mutual.'" She says he asked how he might make amends.But I never heard anything from him again." In his interview with , Oosterhouse, now 41, recalls the conversation differently."I did say I thought it was mutual — because it was," he says.By her account, she thereafter dutifully submitted to his requests on between 10 and 15 occasions.They typically took the form of nonverbal cues ("It was eye contact; he would look at me and look down") while they were alone together in Oosterhouse's changing and makeup areas in the midst of episode shoots, often as he changed attire for the home "reveal." She asserts that there was no reciprocal physical intimacy and that she felt further degraded because, "when he would assault me, he insisted on finishing on my face — every time — knowing that I had to go back out and work. He said, ' It's just what I wanted to do.'" By late October 2008, Kaminsky says her anxiety over the situation prompted a weeklong absence from .


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