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Vizio stuck in updating directory cache

Again my Kindle Fire was not rooted but I know the base system is Android 2.3 so I decided to do some tinkering about Android.I have some knowledge about Android due to past gadgets that I have rooted with the help of the guys from XDA.Verbose logging makes things much more difficult in the majority of cases.Whether you’re coming down from the high of The Big Game or excited to root for your country during the Winter Sports, you can now watch over-the-air Live TV on even more Plex-supported devices. If anything messed up the firmware it should be the automatic update from Amazon.

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The problem is when I issue this command, I still get no response from my Kindle Fire. I restarted my Kindle Fire while it is connected to my machine through a USB.I have my Mac and Windows machine installed with ADB so I can switch from either system to connect to an Android device.In this case with my Kindle Fire, I was able to connect using ADB even it is stuck in the boot logo. Issuing a command gives a “$” prompts which indicates that I’m not rooted.When I open the Upload Center, there is an error message that says - "An error occurred while accessing the Office Document Cache. If the problem persits, move or delete the cache in the Upload Center settings dialog box." When I open the settings in the upload center and try to delete the cached files, the upload center crashes completely, everytime.I then tried to delete the actual cache folder (after shutting the upload center process down using the task manager).I cannot do much if I’m not rooted so I tried the following methods to root my unit.Kindle Fire Utility One of the popular Kindle tools in XDA is the Kindle Fire Utility.before i start i have: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit SP 1.yesterday i downloaded a lot of security update and let them install all night, today i stated the pc and it showed me black screen after "Windows Start" screen so i restated the pc and happen the same thing. so i went to safe mode to see if it was the screen resoloution but it wasgent! The tool is written using Windows batch file which means its a Windows only method.I’ve tried option 3 which is to “Install Permanent Root with Superuser”. Kindle Unbrick Utility I noticed the tools I’ve used cannot even go into the first step of rooting.


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