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These changes in knowledge and understanding of biological life are transforming and even blurring lines between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’.

Anthropologist Stefan Helmreich observes how conceptions of the biological have become intertwined with the social: – draw novel lines of property and protection around organisms and their elements (e.g.

Words have consequences - ethical, social and legal ones, as well as political and economic ones. They also need to be studied carefully – this is what we want to do through this editorial and the related thematic collection.

In the context of synthetic biology, natural and social scientists have become increasingly interested in metaphors, a wave of interest that we want to exploit and amplify.

Scientists working in this new field were hailed as being able to not only read, but to ‘write’ and rewrite genetic and genomic information.

Related recent advances in ‘genome editing’ are accelerating developments in genomics and in synthetic biology.

He is author or co-author of over 70 articles on SHS indoor and outdoor, Museums and urban environment pollution.

During the twentieth century, the science of genetics grew exponentially in prominence.

Besides that, it has been involved in promoting smoke-free campaigns addressed to patients, visitors, and health personnel of its hosting Institution.

The Tobacco Control Unit has performed pioneering investigations regarding the assessment of secondhand smoke exposure, as measured by respiratory particulate matter, in real-life conditions as well as in outdoor settings.

Rather than confining this work to observing the research activities and the languages spoken in the context of synthetic biology, social researchers are also collaborating more directly with synthetic biologists to explore what it means to talk about doing scientific research ‘responsibly’ (see Nerlich and Mc Leod, ).

The aim of this thematic series is to stimulate discussion about how language shapes both emerging meanings of life in the context of synthetic biology and emerging meanings of responsibility.


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  2. Aug 29, 2017. Other leading figures shaping the field were and still are George Church at Harvard, Jay Keasling at the University of California and Craig Venter - the. Bensaude Vincent suggests new 'miracle' technologies like synthetic biology seem to show a 'responsible' economic path leading beyond austerity and.

  3. The Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori INT is one of the main national and international referral centers for the treatment and study of cancer. INT is dedicated to finding solutions to the clinical problems posed by the evolution of cancer types in every stage of their development, through prevention, prediction.

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