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By the end of the millennium, historians and sociologists of science, as well as communication and media scholars, began to take stock of what had been achieved, publishing books with titles such as ).In 2003, scientists successfully ‘read’ the full human genome for the first time and new types of bioscience began to emerge, including synthetic biology.genes, organs), which now circulate in new ways as gifts, as commodities, and as tokens of social belonging or exclusion” (Helmreich Therefore, during the twentieth century, we have learned to speak a new biological language, which has influenced how we understand our bodies, our selves, and relations with the wider world.Over the last few decades, social scientists, linguists and synthetic biologists themselves have begun to discuss the new meanings of life and the associated hopes and fears that are emerging, leading to a rise in interdisciplinary work between the social and natural sciences.Scientists working in this new field were hailed as being able to not only read, but to ‘write’ and rewrite genetic and genomic information.

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The Tobacco Control Unit has performed pioneering investigations regarding the assessment of secondhand smoke exposure, as measured by respiratory particulate matter, in real-life conditions as well as in outdoor settings.They are fundamental tools for thinking about the world and acting on the world.The language we use to make a better world matters; words matter; metaphors matter.He is author and co-author of over 20 articles of environmental pollutants and health effects.At Tobacco Control Unit, is a new collaborator researcher focused on SHS indoor and outdoor measurement. D, is a new member of Tobacco Control Unit, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milano. in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques from the University of Milan with a thesis titled “Development of a microsystem for dosing the incorporation of drugs and precursors labeled nucleic acids in human cancer cells” performed at the Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan, Italy.He is an experienced chronic disease epidemiologist with interest in the link between environment and different factors in the etiology of Cancer.He has actively participated in various European Projects (SEARCH, HYENA, EUROLIFENET, TRUSTNET-IN-ACTION) on topics related to exposure to atmospheric contaminants and health effects also in school environment through the use of active and passive samplers for the monitoring of fine atmospheric particulates PM, NOx and Aldehydes.These changes in knowledge and understanding of biological life are transforming and even blurring lines between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’.Anthropologist Stefan Helmreich observes how conceptions of the biological have become intertwined with the social: – draw novel lines of property and protection around organisms and their elements (e.g.We want to build on emerging articles and books on synthetic biology, metaphors of life and the ethical and moral implications of such metaphors.This editorial provides a brief introduction to synthetic biology and responsible innovation, as well as a comprehensive review of literature on the social, cultural and ethical impacts of metaphor use in genomics and synthetic biology.


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  2. Publication Date Web June 26, 2015. Stow, Ian Eigl, Rebecca E Johnson, Leanne Jade G Chan, Garima Goyal, Edward E K Baidoo, Nathan J Hillson, Christopher J Petzold, Richmond Sarpong, Jay D Keasling. Rebecca E. Johnson, Tristan de Rond, Vincent N. G. Lindsay, Jay D. Keasling, Richmond Sarpong.

  3. Jay Keasling UC Berkeley Chemical Engineering. Michelle Chang UC Berkeley Chemistry; John Dueber UC Berkeley Plant Biology; Mary Dunlop Vermont Engineering and Mathematical Science; Sung Kuk Lee UNIST Chemical Engineering; Vincent Martin Concordia University Biology; Pamela.

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