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Validating rail tickets in europe

"We would like to take the train from London to Rome & return. We just want to go to the station & buy a ticket for the next place...

Is it possible to just go to the station without a schedule and get on a train? "Answer: Train travel has been the transportation method of choice in Europe for many years for good reason: Europe is dense enough that train travel is efficient, taking you from the city center to city center in a short period of time, something the airlines can't do.

Buying a rail ticket and having it shipped to you will be more expensive than buying it in the country you're traveling in.

Sometimes you'll choose a route that's way too popular with locals and tourists alike.

European citizens can use an Interrail Pass instead, available from Read more A travel day is a 24 hour period within which you can travel on trains with your Eurail Pass. For instance, you can use 1 travel day to get from Berlin to Paris and another travel day to go from Paris to Madrid.In the 'Plan your trip' section of our website, you can find the Eurail timetable, railway maps, reservation info, and other useful links.If you need more advice on trip planning, please contact our customer service.I know that train tickets must be validated using the machines on the platforms, but I've read conflicting things about Eurostar tickets--do they need to be validated, or is the validation only for the IC and other non-Eurostar trains? Also, can anyone recommend a conveniently located travel agency in Rome where I can buy Eurostar tickets when we arrive? You don't need to validate a Eurostar (Italia) ticket because on Eurostar, reservations are mandatory.So, the date and time of your reservation is listed on the ticket and you are held to that.This happens often in Italy, where train travel is relatively cheap and everyone uses it; sometimes people are so crowded into the aisles that no one can move. Find the conductor, ask if there are seats in first class, and if there are, pay to upgrade for that leg of your trip. The Eurail Pass lets you travel on trains across Europe, all at your own pace.Even if you're sure of your next destination, you may discover alternative routes to your destination that offer interesting stop-over possibilities. Most experienced travelers use the German Die Bahn web site, which has an English section for "international travelers". But be aware that shorter local trains, and some trains that operate private routes, are not likely to be on that schedule. If so, a rail pass is unlikely to limit your "carefreeness" one bit and may enhance it if you choose right. Know your destination, know the time your desired train leaves, know what class you want and if possible write them down and hand the paper to the agent. Today the ticket windows are giving way to machines that take cash or credit cards to purchase train tickets.One of the advantages of a Eurail pass is that you can often just pull it out and get on a train. Remember, you'll have to buy your Rail Pass in advance, outside the EU.​Buying point-to-point tickets means you might have to stand in line, and you might encounter ticket agents who don't speak English. Sometimes they work with a magnetic strip card and sometimes it takes a chip and pin card, but most take cash as well.Whether you call it Eurail, Eurorail, Euro passes, or rail passes for Europe - if you want to travel Europe's railways, we've got you covered!Choose how many countries you want to visit and pick the European rail pass that fits your plans. On each travel day, you have access to the train networks where your Eurail Pass is valid.


  1. Train tickets, rail pass with Rail Europe enjoy a rail travel across Europe. Travel by train in Europe with Rail Europe, your travel planner.

  2. Find great deals on your TGV, TGV Lyria, Eurostar, City Night Line and Thalys train tickets for travel throughout Europe.

  3. The Eurail Pass lets you travel on trains across Europe. Choose your countries and pick the European rail pass that fits your plans!

  4. Here is a short blog about rail ticket validation in France. This is a very simple process of placing your rail ticket into the small yellow SNCF validation machines.

  5. Answer 11 of 19 I am confused about this train ticket validation thing. I have a ticket bought online for Termini to Florence SMN, so it is a printer.

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