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I have met 3 women who were on EM and never had to leave the sad, oppressive confines of Los Angeles (LA). On 2nd thought, perhaps I am a masochist after all. I wish that I could tell you; I was in a daze most of the time that my guests were with me.

My quirks aside, Lisa, then age 20, from Moscow, Russia, visited me in 20; Luba, then age 26, from Molodechno, Belarus, came here twice in 2008; and Sasha*, age 20, from Kiev, Ukraine, left here last month. I will try to deconstruct their personalities as best I can, and the parts that I cannot remember clearly, I will simply make up.

I will not reveal the criteria that I used to reach such a verdict.

We were glad, too, that our bedroom doors had sturdy deadbolts.

Speaking of utensils, my 3 friends had great etiquette.

I did not have to bribe or coerce them, although twisting an arm here or there can be quite fun. Lisa and I corresponded for a month before she deigned to come here 3 months later.

Luba and I sent letters back and forth and talked on the phone for 3 weeks before she vouchsafed to meet me in LA 5 weeks later.


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