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It is a map design so influential that it has formed the basis of myriad other metro system maps around the world.

Millions of commuters rely on the map to get to and from work and go about their lives daily.

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A warm hello and welcome to Online Dating Services where you can find new friends, a special partner or maybe someone to share love and a long term relationship with.Since it was a geographically based map, some stations were crowded together, making them hard to read, while others were left off the map entirely because they were too far out.The stations that were shown were connected by lines that curved and twisted like colored rivers laid on top of major high streets visible on the map.Believe it or not, for the first 45 years of the Underground’s existence there was no official map.Instead there were multiple maps put out by the various train operators showing only the parts of the Underground their trains served.But then in 1933 the Beck Map was published—the Tube map that has become known the world over and used as the model other cities use to make their public transport maps.“It was transformational,” says Hunter when I ask him how important Beck’s map was to the history of public transit design, “providing a simple way to plan and navigate through an often unfamiliar and challenging environment at the time–although we take underground travel for granted today, it was, at the time, a new way to travel.Often imitated but never bettered-–its underlying principles truly stand the test of time.”The Beck Map was created by Henry Beck, an electrical draftsman for the London Underground who realized that the physical locations of each station didn’t matter to those traveling underground.Tens of millions of visitors rely on it to move around the city each year.Any changes to the map can have consequences to the local economy and how certain areas of the city are perceived, which is why any changes are often met with fierce criticism.As well as being somewhere to share your thoughts and opinions, it should be a really good way to get to know people in a congenial and easily approachable way.Signing up is simple and fast, and will allow other singles to contact you through our messaging system, enabling you to discover more about each other and develop your friendship or relationship.


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