Updating with wiibrew

No more dead links, no more extracting files, no more finding out if there is an and in the homebrew application/game!HERE IS A VID I uploaded to youtube of it in action!Follow the link to the letter bomb and follow the directions to install homebrew.Just download into your pc and extract it into your SD Card under the folder named “apps”.I think you could leave it in your SD Card under the folder named “apps” I have to check my SD Card).It stays in the SD Card under the folder “apps” I checked. Go into your Wii and into the Homebrew Channel after you install it into your Wii.This took me forever to figure out since there are no real guides. Next, take the extracted “Zero4” folder (there are 2 of them one in the 4.2 patch I think, and the other one is in the “English patch”) You want to take the Zero4 folder from the English patch (the patch that is like 300-400MB) and move it into the root of the SD Card. Go into the Riivolution channel or through it via Homebrew Channel .So the root of your SD Card should have three folders. Now pop in your SD Card into your Wii along with your retail copy of Fatal Frame 4. It should have like 3 different options in the Riivolution channel make sure they are all “enabled” and click on “Launch” and the game should launch. Final note: If the game doesn’t load the patch at a later stage, all you need to do is exit the game and go back into the main menu (no need to restart the Wii) and go back into the Riivolution channel and it should load like it usually does.

You can update your installation of that homebrew application or install new homebrew applications by pressing A.

Install it into your Wii and it should be in your Homebrew Channel (I think it might have its own channel in your Wii now too) 3.

Extract the 4.2 patch, the HBC patch and the English patch you downloaded from the “apps” folder **pay close attention to the next part.

The Homebrew Browser (HBB) contacts main server to receive a listing of the current homebrew applications.

The list contains the different homebrew application names, image file sizes, boot file sizes and whether it is a dol or elf file. HBB checks to see if the user has the latest image files (stored in /temp)for all homebrew listed.


  1. The Homebrew Browser allows you to grab the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii. No longer will you have to take your SD card out.

  2. Hey guys. After some questions about how to apply the patch I used in my youtube video and talking with HistoryMajor7 on Youtube, I've decided to post his.

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