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Updating with city navigator 2016

From another forum - On the Chrysler CTP radio, you remove files by creating a "Disabled" folder on the root of the USB stick and adding files/subfolders you want removed into "Disabled". 1) has anyone ever figured out a way to access "engineering mode" on the 2013 RHB 430N? If you go to Map info, you'll see a map name something like "OEM 2013 North America" but could you give me the exact name?

I haven't tried it yet to see if it works on the RHB. I unfortunately didnt take a screenshot of this, and I wonder if the map name may have something to do with the upgrade failing. you can use GMap Tool to change the names of the img files on a PC.

I was starting from firmware version , and here's the full process I went through... Insert the USB stick with the software update and say YES to update HDD files. When promted to update Garmin software to 3.0, say YES. I have read several forums followed all the directions with the USB stick to DVD and when I think I am going to get luck I get an error saying "Map update was not installed successfully. I read on another RHB thread, either here or at Jeep Forums or Wrangler Forums, that the RHB was modified mid-2012 so that the software could be updated beyond a certain version. Unfortunately, I only have my vehicle on which to test.

To load as a supplemental, the filename needs to be in the Garmin folder. I'd like to find out how to remove the Supplemental maps (just because). 2) Does anyone have a 2013 RHB with the stock maps?

I had already been at 2014.40 and I had a version of 2016.10 that I wanted to use. Garmin -- ASRThis varied from layouts I had used in the past which just had the and JCV folder/file under the main Garmin folder. Now I need to deliberate moving back to to get the nicer color scheme. This was the actual contents of the 2014.40 SD card I purchased. I was able to make a DVD and I created a Garmin folder and put the 2014.40 along with the 3D maps in that folder then I put the JCV file within a subfolder of the Garmin folder.

If you look at newer Garmin maps in Base Camp and do Get Info, it mentions needing Software Version 3.0 and above. If you purchase the update through chryslergroup.navigation.com, they'll send 2014.40. The Garmin update card that arrived had the following layout... This thread is not to tell people how to get 20 maps nor how they can be unlocked. But I can tell you that with the software update available through you can get past 2014.40. A few folks have asked for a screen cap of the actual folder layout I used. I bought my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee used and my RHB13 430N came with 44.x firmware however, I downgraded it to 33.x then up to 50.x then down to 33.x to be able to update my nav.

If your RHB is eligible for an update through that web site, they will also send you a system software update. But playing safe, I copied all these files onto my USB stick. I don't know if this ultimately mattered, and I don't want to spend another 2hrs testing with just the base files to find out, but I did and it worked and I'm not messing with it now. I have tried all these steps with my Jeep being in ACC, run with it on and none of those combinations seemed to work.

It's a new firmware version that I haven't seen anywhere before - . If someone wants to try and that works for them, yay. When I click on "About" it reads: Model: RHB13 Software version 4.07 Dealer locator: 2.00 Audio: 2.0 Text: 4.07 GPS 4.15.02 and when the big logo comes up Copyright shows from 2012 to 2013 so I know there is an update out there somewhere but when I put my VIN on garmin.com/Chrysler it says that my maps are up to date?!


  1. OLATHE, Kan./January 7, 2009/Business Wire — Garmin International Inc. a unit of Garmin

  2. You may be updating now but are you updating to City Navigator North America 2016.10? I don't think so.--

  3. Help Updating" City Navigator North America NT", PM. It has been a while since I have used BaseCamp and my Montana gps, so I.

  4. Buy map updates for your Garmin GPS device. View Cart 0 Sign In; Your Account. Profile;. nüMaps Onetime™ City Navigator® Australia and New Zealand NT – HERE.

  5. Hello I stumbled accross this post as I was looking for information on updating my 2012 Jeep JKUR to the newer maps. I have read in this thread that I may be able to.

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