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Updating tivoli backup client polycom ip phone updating initial configuration

This reboot is required by the Microsoft Visual Studio C redistributable upgrade process, even under any of the following conditions: · An automatic client deployment pushes a client upgrade to a node, and the client or the scheduler sets the AUTODEPLOY=NOREBOOT option.· A manual installation or upgrade of the client is performed.For further advice, or to request that the EZ-Backup team rename your filespace, please email us at [email protected] put 'Windows upgrade' in the subject of the email.Please review the Spectrum Project 8.1 Release Notes.You can install the backup-archive clients on the following Windows platforms: · Windows Vista · Windows 7 · Windows Server 2003 · Windows Server 2003 R2 · Windows Server 2008 · Windows Server 2008 R2 Attention: The Tivoli Storage Manager backup-archive Windows client package installs the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C redistributable package, if they are not already present on the workstation, or if they are installed but need to be updated.If the C redistributable library is updated, you might need to reboot the workstation so the C software can be registered and reloaded.

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Select Run from the Start menu and at the prompt, type: x:\setup where x is your DVD drive. To add a component that was not initially installed, select the Modify option.If you have upgraded your computer's operating system since installing the earlier version of the EZ-Backup client, we strongly urge that you write to us to request a filespace rename.Without a rename, should you need to recover files, your backups may contain a mixture of different versions of Windows, and that would be a bad thing.Follow these steps to install the software on your Windows system. Insert the DVD that contains the Tivoli Storage Manager Windows client into your DVD drive.If you have autorun enabled, the installation dialog should start when the DVD loads. If files from a previous version are in the installation directory, the Windows installer presents these options: Modify, Repair, and Remove.Your existing configuration and log files will be retained. If you do not have an earlier version installed, please use our Fresh Install instructions.If this computer is not yet registered, please go to the EZ-Backup Subscription article.Results Installation setup types: There are two setup types: · Choosing Typical installs the minimum necessary to provide normal backup and archive functions.This includes the Backup-Archive Client, the API Runtime files, and the Web Client.This document contains updates for "IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Windows Backup-Archive Clients Installation and User's Guide V6.3".These updates are for the online information in IBM Knowledge Center (https://com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7/).


  1. Tivoli Storage Manager backup-archive client version 6.4 contains many new features and changes.

  2. The version of the TSM client installed on the remote host reportedly contains a buffer overflow vulnerability in its Client Acceptor Daemon CAD service. Using an HTTP. Upgrade to Tivoli Storage Manager version / / / backup-archive client or the Tivoli Storage Manager Express client.

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