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These distros were copies of the Mac OS X installer disc modified to include additional components necessary to make the OS run on the non-Apple hardware.

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A hacker by the handle of Brazil Mac created one of the earliest patching processes that made it convenient for users to install .The legality of this form of tying is disputed by companies such as Psystar, Bizon computer, Pear C and Mac PC who have attempted to release products using Mac OS on non-Apple machines.However, while the methods Apple uses to prevent mac OS from being installed on non-Apple hardware are protected from commercial circumvention in the United States by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), specific changes to the law regarding the concept of jailbreaking that permitted the practice has thrown such and similar circumvention methods into a grey area and even made some of them perfectly legal when carried out by end-users for personal use.They continue to be refined and updated builds released, not just to maintain compatibility with Apple releases but an ever-increasing number of third-party components.The OSx86 community has been quick to make the necessary modifications to enable Apple's latest releases to run on non-Apple hardware.Multiple new kernels for Hackintosh 10.9 are in the works, although there still are minor issues with most of them.Most of these kernels aim to allow users to run Mavericks on AMD and older Intel CPUs, which lack certain instruction sets of the latest Intel CPUs.Stable XNU kernels for v10.6 were released by Qoopz and Pcj.There are some popular builds based on Retail by the name Universal (Intel only), Hazard, and i Atkos.Within hours of Leopard's release, an AMD/Intel SSE2/3 Kernel Patcher was created that removed the HPET requirement from an original untouched mach_kernel file, a core component of the Mac OS.When "Snow Leopard" was released, Russian hacker netkas created a version of Chameleon that can boot Mac OS X v10.6.


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