Updating garmin nuvi 660 help in dating

I have Lifetime Maps on my old 660 and have no problem keeping it up dated. There is a card in it but I'm sure the maps go on the device.

This last time I used Garmin Express and it went quickly.

All of the Garmin nuvi 660 maps available from Active GPS are genuine Garmin map updates and are preloaded on micro SD/SD card.

These SD cards then plug-and-play in the Garmin nuvi 660.

The additional vehicles and splash screen jpg's were in their folders and could be selected as well. I have a screen saver on the way for it too so I think with the screen saver on a more sensative screen will be better. Don't know for sure but the description on this update only addresees the issue of sensitivity- the next update may only address other issues and then again they may come up a major update for all known issues.

Both of my Nuvi660's recovered successfully using these steps. When Garmin comes out with update 3.9, is it going to put 3.8 in whether we want it or not? They should give an option of which downloads to install. Never mind, I found a web site that has all the current and previous upgrades. Some software automatically checks if you have a particular patch and if not, installs it as part of the upgrade.

to ensure that the Fodor's travel guide and the custom poi's were indeed still there.

The Nuvi shows V3.70, Audio V 1.40, GPS SW V2.90, BT V 2.80 Check the gpspassion site for the nuvi forum. If you wanted to roll back to a previous update, where would you find it? The developers usually assume after an update has been delivered usually because people are asking for it and no major hiccups occur they have solved a problem that people wanted solved.

Some had to clear the user options at boot time to get the unit to function correctly (If I remember correctly, they recovered from a backup). Good developers usually use beta groups before unleashing updates on their patrons. Thanks to you guys, I found out about and loaded 3.8 into my Nuvi 680.

Garmin City Navigator maps for the Garmin nuvi 660 in-car GPS device.

Maps available to buy include UK and Ireland, France and Benelux, Spain and Portugal, Australia and New Zealand and Southern Africa.


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