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Updating dataset in asp net

How do I edit a dataset from a gridview and then iterate through the updated dataset? Net 2.0/VB/Visual Web Developer 2005) I've got an editable gridview bound to a dataset. When it is clicked, I want it to submit the data in the gridview back into the bound dataset, and then i want to iterate through the records in the dataset. Updating Data Set object with a Grid View I'm trying to update a Data Set object with a Grid View. We have a 3-tier architecture with strict boundaries. This means that communication between UI components and Business components is done by means of a Data Set.

It ...simple datagrid update to the datasource(Updating from dataset)nothing happeing in the page. But everything else looks completely fine to me, it compiles and displays but at runtime something is happening that doesn't let...

To String) Next i Dim connection String As String = "Data Source=MUKUNTUWEAP;" & "Initial Catalog=Booze;" & "Integrated Security=True" Dim cn As New Sql Connection(connection String) Dim command Wrapper As Sql Command = New Sql Command("SELECT * FROM RECIPES", cn) Dim data Adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter Dim my Data Set As Data Set = New Data Set data Adapter. Fill(my Data Set, "Recipes") The Data Set can then be treated like a database in your program code.

I have a webform with textboxes databound at runtime to a datarow in a dataset. The user will view and edit, save, undo, or cancel the update. Read the particular record using sqlcommand (and a stored proc) and Fill() the dataset. I've been looking for ways but haven't found anything. I've had the same issues and Microsoft has recommended that I do not do that. I then merge it into another data Set (data Set51). private Sql Connection obj Conn On Line=null; private Sql Connection obj Conn MSDE=null; private Sql Data Adapter obj Adp On Line=null; private Sql Data Adapter obj Adp MSDE=null; private Sql Command Builder obj Cmd On Line=null; private Sql Command Builder obj Cmd MSDE=null; private System. It is a generally accepted standard that editors should attempt to follow, though ...

Finally the following stored procedure is created which will accept the Data Table as parameter and then will insert all records into the table that are not present in the table and the one that already exists will be updated.

The below Stored Procedure can be used where in the SQL Server version 2005 where MERGE function is not supported.

Sql Bulk Copy as the name suggest is for copying (inserting) bulk records and it cannot perform update operation.

Although the Data Set is easy to use, if raw performance is the goal, you might be better off writing more code and using the Data Reader instead.

Data Set is the most likely object you will use for programs that reference a database. NET, and it is designed to be used in a disconnected mode.

You can quickly serialize a Data Set to XML by calling the Write XML method.

As a consequence, we cannot use the Data Source Object Model. I planned to use Typed datasets for by business entities to pass around between layers of my app but I can't easily get the udpate to work directly with a dataset.

Any code samples/documentation/references would be appreciated! This also means we cannot access the database from our presentation layer. According to the API documentation, linked update applications in Unwired Accelerator are represented in . This transaction object has a "Save" method with one parameter (boolean) to indicate wether the transaction is committed (ready to be sent to the server). I set this parameter to "true", but when I sync, the update is not uploaded to the consolidated database. Object Datasource Udpates with Typed Datasets Hello, Like many people I'm struggling with getting the Object Datsource update to work in a reasonable manner.


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