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Yes, I've heard that there are new prls that will start to be pushed in the 3100 range.

You should have got a 41000 prl unless you are on a tethered phone and it isn't rev A, buy you said you are getting it so I would guess a data card.where did you get the verizon access manager? Been getting a lot of dead air lately meaning the connection stops working or drops down to maybe 1kb/s.

At least on my UM150 I am using the 30041 right now on Verizon's Access manager and have Mobile IP off and it is working pretty good: That ping is awesome!I also tried to connect to VZ network which worked, but gave me the warning that Martha G got which was they could/would be charging to be on their network.I continued and I did in fact connect to that network but none of the functions would work like usage and the like.But this actually is different than just doing *228. I (live in the dirty south) currently use the hybrid PRL 65024 that I found back in May which improved my signal and network speed at home (although made my network connection at work slower).*228 only gives you the verizon towers with the altell towers that have already been switched over. If you try one of these you can always *228 option 2 to get your default PRL back in place.I tried Verizon's but went back to Quick Link Mobile.It said I could be charged and I thought I better not but I did a couple speed tests and they both were close.this gives you all of the altell towers as well as the verizon towers.Speed test went from .5Mbps up and .5Mbps down to 1.45Mbps down and .87Mbps up. Originally Posted by michaelnhf you are correct, i live in the tampa, fl area, where altell has better signal, and my signal went way up with this update. Yes the hybrid PRL will not come from a standard *228 option 2.I see an update prl button but when i hit it alls i get is this thing that says "epst" onthe top and a folder a type selection and a box to type in.....no menu or edit available you are correct, i live in the tampa, fl area, where altell has better signal, and my signal went way up with this update.


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  2. Something tells me this is probably no different than updating the prl via the. the altell towers as well. Android Development Low Signal Issue Resolved! by.

  3. Feb 06, 2012 General *228 and the verizon network - snail to. Since the merger with Altell. Updating the prl does not 'add' towers but tells your phone given.

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