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Updating altell towers profile header for dating site

it is a hybrid alltell/verizon prl here is the link I will update this later and let you guys know if my cell standby battery use goes down, probably tomorrow. Well let me know what you guys think and please try it before you post anything negative.

Update Instructions: This is the order as done on my phone, Can you do a *228 with success?

Save the file to your sd card make sure that your sd card accessible from astro or something similair dial ##778 hit Edit mode enter 000000 hit prl hit update prl scroll to the 65144file hit ok hit menu hit commit modifications your phone should restart and your done.

You should have got a 41000 prl unless you are on a tethered phone and it isn't rev A, buy you said you are getting it so I would guess a data card.where did you get the verizon access manager? Been getting a lot of dead air lately meaning the connection stops working or drops down to maybe 1kb/s.Ok so during my usual nightly dead air time I decided to go ahead and try the Verizon manager. On my screen it shows a connection for Verizon, my network(router sid), and alltel. It asked for a dial up type connect dialog box but I put nothing in there.It auto filled in my data cards # in when it tried to authenticate and it failed, however it still connected with a message saying that only usage statistics and such will work while connected to VZ network.I also tried to connect to VZ network which worked, but gave me the warning that Martha G got which was they could/would be charging to be on their network.I continued and I did in fact connect to that network but none of the functions would work like usage and the like.I tried Verizon's but went back to Quick Link Mobile.It said I could be charged and I thought I better not but I did a couple speed tests and they both were close.Both Verizon and Quick Link had the same PRL which for me is 51143. That page asked for a phone # so I put in my UM175's # and I was able to download it.I haven't tried it as of yet because I'm working pretty good on QLM using the 40049 from the link above.Took me 30secs to load this to reply..¬Ľnet/It appears that the 30041 prl allows for r A now, so I am wrong about the new prls.At least on my UM150 I am using the 30041 right now on Verizon's Access manager and have Mobile IP off and it is working pretty good: That ping is awesome!


  1. Something tells me this is probably no different than updating the prl via the. the altell towers as well. Android Development Low Signal Issue Resolved! by.

  2. Motorola V3c Tutorial Flashing to Alltel User. If you're on broadband you might as well continue updating until you have. but the towers may control which.

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