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That theme extends not just to her health, but to her environmental activism on behalf of wildlife.

She holds dual residency, in the United States and Kenya, the latter for her work on behalf of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, which she founded to honor the late actor.

Powers plays the mother of a single mom who is wrestling with commitment to the soldier she is dating. I have air filters in my house, and I think I keep a very clean house.

Powers spoke with us in New York about her mother, personal accountability and her successful fight with lung cancer. But when I clean those air filters on average of every other day, they’re black. If that’s what is in the air, what is it doing to my lungs?

I didn’t like the way it was raised and I didn’t like the way it was killed, and that’s what changed my life and my choices. I’d go on location for filming with a footlocker full of food and a little mini-kitchen that I would take with me and cook in the bathroom of the hotel room.

It was very difficult and when I reluctantly gave up macrobiotics for a more well-rounded diet, or at least an easier-to-maintain diet, I knew I would never feel quite as good. Because I travel so much I have to look at what’s available to me.

It’s brilliant; it really adds a wonderful taste to everything.Doctors eventually started monitoring a spot that had appeared on one of her lungs.In later, more precise scans, the spot that doctors were observing had changed.Doctors here and abroad confirmed a lung cancer diagnosis.As Powers was coping with the disease, she was caring for her ailing mother, Julie.I was never a great meat eater but one trip to a slaughterhouse will tell you, if you are what you eat you don’t want to become that.There has not been any reform to slaughtering methods for far too many years.“It was those two events coming so quickly, one upon the other, that really caused me to stop and reflect and recount when life was a little bit different not that long ago, and how diametrically opposite life has become to the world I grew up in,” Powers says.Because “people seem to be floundering to find” those simpler, healthier times again, Powers says, the 67-year-old actress—known to television audiences as half of the married detective duo in the 1980s drama “Hart to Hart”—is putting her reflections into a book, One From the Hart (Simon & Schuster), due in the fall.So to a certain extent we are our brother’s keeper, but to another extent we have to cut the cord and say, “Get your act together.” You’re the only one who can do it.It’s not anybody else’s job but yours, and the more you understand about it, the better equipped you’ll be, the more responsible of a citizen you’ll be, and you won’t be a victim. It began for health, though I suppose it’s a combination of things.


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  2. After his success as an actor, Keith Powers played as Tyree Crayton Legendary Pictures biographical drama ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

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