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As such, CONSORT continually assimilates new ideas and perspectives.That process informs the continually evolving CONSORT statement. More than 400 journals, published around the world and in many languages, have explicitly supported the CONSORT statement.

More than 700 studies comprise the CONSORT database (located on the CONSORT website), which provides the empirical evidence to underpin the CONSORT initiative.

Explicit descriptions, not ambiguity or omission, best serve the interests of all readers.

Note that the CONSORT 2010 Statement does not include recommendations for designing, conducting, and analysing trials.

Indeed, CONSORT Group members continually monitor the literature.

Information gleaned from these efforts provides an evidence base on which to update the CONSORT statement.


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  2. Would you like your software package added to the Astro-Update list or have other comments? Send a message to General HEASARC Feedback Page author Michael F. Corcoran Last modified Tuesday, 27-Feb-2018 EST.

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