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Social anxiety dating site uk

Below are a range of websites pertaining to mental health that you may find helpful.Please note that does not endorse any of the links listed.Im turning into a nihilist lol And after reading this...a major sign of depression and what i have is the word "always" being said too much throughout this....

Theres been a few posted on here, nothing SA specific but mental health/anxiety related. There are meets though- if people aren't happy that some people might go with a 0.1 % chance they might meet someone, then maybe make a dating meet or something.

Don't wear caps down over your eyes when out, sunglasses cover the eyes and still allow you anonymity from others. Good luck and I wish you nothing but success in this new life challenge.

I have social anxiety too(as well as depression)since I was a teenager(was shy even before that).

Ive recently been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder after being this way for 12 years. I get so self concious sometimes that when someone asks me something, i cant come back with a reply fast enough even though its a pretty simple question and i get a weird look for it or an insult at my expense.

And yes, im not very good with the opposite sex which pisses me off more then anything cause its been my life.


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