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Signs you are dating an emotional abuser

One example would be a man forcing his partner to shave.

He might argue that she has to because hairy legs are unattractive.

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This type of behavior is a big red flag because it demonstrates that your partner is willing to mistreat you in the presence of other individuals.This is a form of emotional abuse which can create a sense of vulnerability by making the victim believe that she has no right to control her own finances.Moreover, this form of boundary crossing can lead to the abusive partner impairing the victim’s credit.One way this takes place is when the abuser prevents his partner from speaking.For example, a couple might get in an argument about a meal that the male partner did not like.In this case, the abusive partner may diminish her confidence and increase feelings of vulnerability.Oftentimes, emotional abuse takes place when a woman’s partner controls her appearance.For example, a friend of the victim might hear the abuser state that she should stop wearing make-up in public because it attracts too much attention from other men.If the friend challenges the abuser by stating that the friend looks great and has a right to wear cosmetics whenever she wants, the abuser may tell the victim that she should no longer talk that friend.In many cases, emotionally abusive partners try to isolate the victim from their friends and family members. The abuser does not want the victim to have a social network because others may question his controlling actions and attitudes.In some cases, an emotionally abusive spouse or partner will forbid a woman to maintain a friendship with a person after the friend calls out his inappropriate behavior.


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