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Should christian dating couples pray together

As Christians, our greatest goal is to please God and our greatest fear is to offend him. We fight a popular lie in today’s culture that says 'fornication is fun, not fatal! He is in his mid-twenties, he makes good money at his job, he doesn’t live with his parents and he is above average handsome – or so I’ve heard it said by some of the ladies. He has a girlfriend – and has had other girlfriends before this one. Its not a dumb law that condemns him or that he judges others with - he simply finds it a useful way to avoid sexual sin.

' What's sad, is that so many of us flirt with this lie. Now, if you have fornicated - Jesus can and will forgive you. He also calls us in doing so not to be hypocrites but to be sincere in our repentance.

Let me challenge you to commit to pray together every day for the next thirty days. The items on our list changed from day to day, week to week, and year to year. Yet there was something special about hearing her take our common concerns before God.

We silently prayed for our marriage, other people’s marriages, for our families, for our children, for wisdom as parents, for our pastor, for our church, for the needy, and for the hungry. Whatever was on our hearts we shared with each other and then silently prayed together before God. He heard us, and He answered so many of our prayers. Then one day Nancy did something she had never done in front of me before. God was growing us in our spiritual life together with Him.

We knew that if something happened or changed in any one of the three things that it would totally be a God deal. We were faithful with this and hardly missed a day. By August of that year, every one of these three prayers was completely answered.

I want to respond to you about holidays and vacations specifically, but I also want to write to you about the bigger question of dating in a way that pleases God. But our answer here is nuanced, as the Christian understanding of sex and romance is different from that of popular culture.

Adultery is a married person having sex they are not married to. Yes, as Christians we maintain that sex is only for marraige. It needs to work its way into how we make our decisions whether we feel worshipful or not. I know of Christian couples who - when visiting each other - have slept in the same room (separate beds) and have not been sexually active – a task many of us would find challenging.

And though a dating Christian couple can go away alone and have a great time without sex polluting it - you probably know from others that it can be the opportunity for very real temptation if you are not wise. In his case, it means that when his girlfriend comes to visit him for the weekend – she lives in another part of England – he has arranged for her to sleep at the home of some friends overnight while he goes back to his own apartment. For my friend, not putting himself and his girlfriend in this potentially tempting situation is just one way in which he puts God first.

” Inside I was screaming no, and I guess my face was conveying the same message. Then as I mentally shuffled through my repertoire of prayers (which did not take long), I came up empty.

Perhaps the most common goes something like this: “Well, we’re going to be married in a few months anyway, so what does it matter if we go ahead and start having sex now?

” Of course, that same logic works in reverse: “well, you’re going to be married for the rest of your lives, so what does it matter if you start having sex now or in a few months? Simply stated, sexual purity is a matter of spiritual leadership.

They have trained hard, kept their pace, and are running well. Here is my pastoral advice to engaged couples: Engagement should be a time marked by godliness.

But now, with the finish line so close, they start to falter. God designed marriage to be a covenant between a man and a woman who are working together to fulfill God’s purposes in their life.


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