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Short men and dating

“Or have you ever noticed how men think it’s OK to hit on a tall girl even if it’s obvious she’s dating the short dude standing right next to her?” Coping strategy: Confidence can make any guy seem 10 feet tall One lesson short guys learn early on is that confidence, not height, is the ultimate aphrodisiac.“If you’re hitting on a taller woman, don’t even blink,” recommends Bill.“Just interact totally straight on, like there’s nothing weird.

But that doesn’t mean shorter men are doomed in the dating department.So I approach.” And for women, the word is that you need to be more explicit and encouraging if you’re interested in a shorter guy.“The taller women that I’ve dated actually came more to me than I pursued them,” says Eric, who is currently dating a woman a couple inches taller than him.responsible for making the first move, it can be tricky to know how to proceed.“There was a woman I was absolutely smitten with,” recalls Charles, 40, who’s a 5’7” surgeon living in New York City.So when you’re taking a woman out and get a double-take or see someone giggling in your direction, remember: Your date chose to go out with you because you have all kinds of great things going for you.So don’t let another person’s height hang-up put a dent in your confidence.Humor’s the best.” Even guys who do find a gal who’s fine and dandy with a height differential know that being an odd couple can be hard — for instance, strangers may do doubletakes and friends and family may make snide, behind-the-back comments from friends and family.“Generally speaking, if you’re a short guy and you’re dating a tall woman and you walk into a bar, people tend to laugh or whisper about you,” says Eric.“If I see a tall woman who’s got on four-inch heels, that’s a subtle message that she’s into being tall and it’s part of her personality.I’ll generally avoid these types as a rule,” says Eric.


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