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Dorothy Marcic is also the author of the current Off-Broadway musical hits SISTAS, the longest African American musical in New York history, and THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS, recently extended due to popular demand.

WITH ONE SHOT will be released on March 27th by Citadel / Kensington Press.

The film won Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

(more...) A lullaby is a simple expression of the most universal human condition, the bond between parent and child.

Contributor for Fox 6 Good Day Alabama, "Where is The Love?

," The Web on 99.5 Sat evenings from 7pm-11pm, The Breakfast Club on APH Radio (99.9) Mondays @ 7am.

(more...) The pulsating energy of Elton John has long been one of the things that has turned listeners into rabid fans of him and his music for decades.

Not everyone chooses the same sexual path in life...

(more...) In the prologue of his new memoir, Unmasked, Andrew Lloyd Webber states, "Autobiographies are by definition self-serving and mine is no exception".

It is true that the composer's nearly 500-page book can be seen as one long 'humble-brag', but it's also a fascinating glimpse into the business side of theatre.

Columnist for About Town Magazine and Sexual Health Magazine. ~Video, chat, phone, in-office, and e-mail sessions.

~About me: I am the mother of 2 young children, 2 adult "bonus" children, & 3 "chosen" children. (Ins doesn't typically cover sessions not in-office).


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