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Stories like this show how online interactions can lead to serious danger.There are millions of others, however, who use the Internet without running into trouble.And it’s likely that sexting is a common practice at your child’s school, but it can have negative consequences when a photo meant for one person is being passed around the whole school.The consequences of sexting can have lasting implications, including bullying, humiliation, and expulsion from school.For many youth, the Internet is a positive and powerful space for socializing, learning, and engaging in public life.Just as in any other public space in which youth interact, their behaviors are most strongly influenced by perceived social norms, reputation management, and a desire to socialize with others.Instagram can also display a map of where your photos were taken, but this too can be toggled off and on and it’s a good idea for kids not to disclose their physical location.While the app can be a fun way to view posts around the world around topics like #fashion or #food, it also easily provides a way to view posts about self harm.

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Recent cases of exploitation have involved people using social media sites like Facebook or apps such as Whisper to attract others into relationships that may eventually lead to commercial sexual exploitation.

People record themselves lip-syncing, dancing, doing comedy, etc…

These videos can also be shared on other social media networks.

The internet isn’t a scary place, but there’s no denying that it presents unique opportunities for harm.

This guide will walk you through ways that you can help equip and empower youth to stay safe online and how you can identify risky behaviors before they become problematic.


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