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Here’s an example: Tevon Harris, a 22 year old in Houston, TX, pled guilty to two charges of child sex trafficking.

He would meet young girls online, and gain their trust by talking to them about their goals and dreams.

When signing up, does not ask users to enter a birthdate or age. Presently, accounts cannot be deleted, a feature says is coming soon.

The unwanted interactions youth face can range from annoying (everyone’s experienced having to close multiple popup windows with ads for pornographic websites), to harmful (a youth’s classmate may be constantly messaging them asking for nude photos), to criminal.

Recent cases of exploitation have involved people using social media sites like Facebook or apps such as Whisper to attract others into relationships that may eventually lead to commercial sexual exploitation.

For many youth, the Internet is a positive and powerful space for socializing, learning, and engaging in public life.

Just as in any other public space in which youth interact, their behaviors are most strongly influenced by perceived social norms, reputation management, and a desire to socialize with others.


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