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A young mother has been given just months to live after blundering medics failed to spot a mole on her back was skin cancer.Tara Jones, 26, had the mark removed three years ago and, after a biopsy, was told that the growth was harmless.She now has just months to live after being diagnosed with cancer Doctors put her condition down to depression, told her the weight loss was anorexia and dosed her with anti-depressants.

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A statement from the Cwm Taf NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, said: 'We are able to confirm the Trust's involvement in a claim in the delay of diagnosis of cancer.The mole I'd had removed in 2005 had been cancerous all along.'I was screaming and crying and told them they had ruined my life.But over the next few months her health deteriorated, she lost two stone and started passing out.Medical blunder: Tara Jones, seen here with partner Chris Davies, was wrongly told her mole was harmless.The cancer has now spread to Tara's bones and she has been told she only has months to live. It's just too unbearable to think about.'I am living day-to-day - I just don't know how long I've got.She hopes to survive long enough to see her children Tyler, six, and Lowis, three, open their Christmas presents this year.'I will never see my children grow up - their first day at comprehensive school, their first boyfriends and girlfriends,' Tara said. 'It is too late for me to have treatment because the cancer has spread to my bones. When I look at my beautiful children I just can't bear it.She had a biopsy at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and was given the all-clear.The former trainee lifeguard was only persuaded to get a second opinion after a friend, whose mother had just died of cancer, recognised some of her symptoms.She went for more tests and a doctor from the hospital visited her at home to break the news.Tara, who lives with her partner Chris Davies, said: 'He told me there had been a terrible mistake.


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