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Sedating antidepressants sleep

Antidepressants include: The over-the-counter hormone melatonin also is sometimes recommended for insomnia or sleep disrupted by depression.A prescription drug called Rozerem (ramelteon) binds to the same brain receptor as melatonin and is another medication strategy for treating insomnia.The most effective treatment for depression for most people is often a combination of psychotherapy (counseling or talk therapy) and medication.Medication tends to work more quickly to decrease symptoms while psychotherapy helps people learn coping strategies to prevent the onset of future depressive symptoms.

It's true that the other drugs approved to treat insomnia can impair your ability to recall new experiences, and may even—although rarely—cause you to walk, eat, have sex, or drive a car while still essentially unconscious.While trazodone is rarely used to treat depression alone any more, it's widely prescribed, off-label, at lower doses for treating insomnia, for several likely reasons.First, trazodone has one distinct advantage—and possibly a few others.Lack of sleep caused by another medical illness or by personal problems can also lead to daytime fatigue and make the diagnosed depression worse.An inability to sleep that lasts over a long period of time is also an important clue that someone may be depressed.An inability to sleep, insomnia, or excessive oversleeping called "hypersomnia" can be one of the signs of depression.Lack of sleep alone is not the same thing as depression, but it can be one of its important symptoms.Another unique sleep drug is called Belsomra (suvorexant).It's the first approved drug in a class called orexin receptor antagonists.We could find no evidence to date of those problems having been reported with trazodone.Moreover, many doctors seem to believe that trazodone is less likely than even the newer sleep drugs to cause dependency and, when discontinued, renewed insomnia.


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