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Sccm collection ou not updating

Started working with New Customer since few weeks ago ,running Configmgr 2012 R2 CU1 ,yet to upgrade to Latest CU .

since few days, I have been running lot of SQL Queries ,reports checking the SCCM client health and analyzing the existing setup for some improvements.

By running the following query, you get count of clients for each lasterrorcode that reported to CM12.

I have got lot many computers with error code –2016409966 .

For everything what ever you do in SCCM,the first and foremost is ,client health,otherwise ,there is nothing for you to manage .

Stores the Configuration Manager boot image package ID if a boot image package is associated with the current running task sequence.UFD FORMAT - specifies that the task sequence is started by using USB media and that the USB media was created in Windows Vista or later. Stores the name of the computer that the task sequence will use to log all status messages.To change the computer name in the new operating system, use the OSDComputer Name variable.during the initiation of software update scan cycle, file will be recreated with WSUS settings.Tried the above solution on 2 more computers to see if it works or not, sync succeeded. Restart SMS agent host service from to download the policies again.Straightaway went to CMtrace log and find what this error means.using CTRL L from the CMTrace log viewer, it tells me ‘Group policy conflict’ which means,there is something wrong applying the GPO .Ran below SQL Query to pick one computer with above error code(–2016409966 ): select sys.name0 from v_r_system sys,v_updatescanstatus uss where sys.resourceid=uss.resourceid and uss.Last Error Code='-2016409966' connect to computer ccm\logs and check The above errors leads to me to think about GPO, if there is any such configured but after checking with Server Team ,there is no such group policy configured.You can test this task sequence variable to determine the current operating system environment.The variable is set to true if the last action succeeded and to false if the last action failed.


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