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He comes back quite a few times, and he’s great to work with. I can tease that the plot twists and turns just keep getting bigger and bigger.The conflict with the Pentagon really starts to flare up, and the relationships really develop. I think Darius is a character whose morals you could question.If you’re building a rocket, you need the engineers.So, I think they’re always looking for the next great mind, and Darius is doing a talk at MIT because he’s an alumni.“It’s something that is a topic within the show, that kind of dilemma.I think, if there was nothing to be done about it, probably not.But, you’ll find out more and more of Darius as you go along.

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are now available on DVD from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution. The show follows "an MIT grad student and a tech superstar who bring a Pentagon official a staggering discovery -- that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth," a network press release explained.Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is directing and serving as executive producer on the project, which will co-star Jennifer Finnigan, Charlie Rowe, Jacqueline Byers and Ian Anthony Dale.But, Darius never had that father figure either, so he doesn’t really know how to be one.So, that, as well, becomes a really interesting relationship.He would never let him know that he sees that potential.It’s like Liam is almost a genius in his own right, a young Darius in the making, and Darius becomes a father figure for Liam, a father he never had.Fans can catch up on missed episodes and go behind-the-scenes of the first season, before the Season 2 broadcast premiere in summer 2018.The DVD contains these special features: is that a asteroid will hit the earth in that allotted amount of time and, because of its size, it is going to be a planet killer. Santiago Cabrera, who stars as savvy tech billionaire Darius Tanz in , has pondered the matter since being cast in the CBS series.“That’s a very good question, actually, and actually, that question comes up on the show,” Cabrera tells They already had ideas because they’ve been with it longer than me, and then through my own ideas as well, you’re creating structure. He’s a genius in his own right, and he sacrifices a normal life for a cause, and to put that gift into play, Darius’ life is his work and it’s his company. So, he’s a very lonely man, a very driven person, and people that get to that place, the great CEO’s of companies, or the people that are the very influential people today, they make a lot of enemies on the way, as well, because it’s not an easy task to get there. It’s interesting that he’s so lonely, because there’s all these women who would volunteer.I think he’s a very lonely guy in the nature of heroes. Look at all the women that showed up at the beginning, where he’s doing a TED talk type of thing. He just doesn’t really have the time for it, and has no intention of finding the time for it, yet.


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