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Couples that “dialogue” experience more fulfilling and enjoyable relationships, better understand each other, and develop a way to communicate effectively even when dealing with difficult issues.Dialogue skills are learned in the context of a MEG, but a couple can use those skills any time, any place to more effectively discuss any topic. members and groups throughout the service areas in the United States and Canada. In keeping with our Tradition of autonomy, except in matters affecting other groups or A. as a whole, most decisions are made by the group conscience of the members involved. A Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) is an ongoing small group that provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers.They will share their perspective on the topic and then have an open couple dialogue about how their relationship is impacted by the topic.

This couple will share their relationship openly with the group while participating in their own relational growth.

Each partner strives to truly hear and understand the other.

A couple faces each other, makes eye contact, and makes physical contact, such as holding hands.

Open couple dialogue encourages couples to use their best talking and listening skills.

During their dialogue, other couples in the group ponder their own relationship.


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