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Remeron 7 5 mg more sedating

But if you need some dopamine-action as well, then maybe try and get some Strattera on subscription - BUT...! = ) Yes, I know, both of them are primarily used as adhd-drugs, but they both have potential anti-depressant effects.Intuniv primarily works on the Alpha-2 adrenal receptors, and help lower c AMP - BUT, they also seem to, ( therefore?But I was a machine at work, so motivated then I started working out, running and even teaching myself to modify my car! I admit I did sometimes have more suicidal ideation on it too.I swear it has some nootropic effects, I always knew what to say whereas in baseline and on most other antidepressants my mind is constantly blank and reactive rather than proactive. I was supposed to go up to 60mg but I was not getting on with my fiancee at the time as I felt quite unemotional so stopped..I quit my job and to this day I still wonder if I should give it another bash. But to answer ur question, higher dosage is where you feel the antidepressant effect stronger Thanks man ..)Anyway, on the 7.5 mg, I still feel very tired in the morning if I get only 8 hours of sleep.Then I read on this board that 7.5 can be even MORE sedating.

And pdoc's don't always consider all the nuances of things. Does 7.5 Remeron even work as an antidep or is it strictly a sleep aid at that point?Could the 7.5 still offset any sexual SE I may have from the lexapro (assuming I have SE in this department, maybe I should just think positive).Remeron could help with both those things, but is 7.5 enough?On the other hand, since we may try to get pregnant in a year or two, it seems unwise to go back to 15 mg of something when 7.5 seems to work ok.Not a 100% on this one...) block Norepinephrine -action in the brain, to some extent.= ) The result is far less side-effects when used in conjunction with stimulants.The fact is, if we do decide to try have a child, I will want to get off BOTH meds for the pregnancy.But, for the short term happiness of my marriage and myself, should I go back up to 15 mg?My experience with Mirtazapine isn't very good, I must say. If you don't have dysfunction in your norepinephrine-system, and anxiety-issues, then upping the norepinephrine-levels in your brain is going to more or less fry your entire system.But I don't just have recurring Anhedonia, I have ADHD-PI as well, with commorbid anxiety. Why not try something entirely different than your traditional anti-depressants for your problem?


  1. Remeron 7.5 mg or 15 mg. Then I read on this board that 7.5 can be even MORE sedating. I do not feel a marked change of mood since going down to 7.5.

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