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When I’m not writing about cheese or my 20-year love affair with Leonardo Di Caprio, I’m listening to The Beatles, watching Harry Potter reruns (I’m a proud Slytherin!

The msg i want for him is to just give of his best. and then they rushed the ending that made me so frustrated.. but overall it still good to watch..be ready to feel cheated... Unfortunately, the abrupt ending destroy the essence of the drama. But after watching this drama, I started to like Minhyuk and started following his past works. I think its one of the reasons the writer offered the role to HJW. What will be the reason in which she will be pushed to the limit and will let herself go and run towards Dr. The storyline is her way of depending how this drama will end. She never rush that makes it high in anticipation among viewers. I really hope this K drama is the first that allow the second lead to win the heroin's heart eventually. Also the rating always number #1 So proud of Uri Ha Ji Won, who can always build the chemistry with all her co-star. hwaiting i love this drama but ep 17-18 was so heartbreaking.. This is indeed a nice drama with a different concept for a medical drama. @tina, ep 7 &8 are really heartwarming esp the final scene of ep 8. But i didnt said that this Hospital Ship is not good, but it just lack of realistic i think and the cast were also not bad as Ha Ji Won one of the cast plus the good looking Kang Min Hyuk. And if Jo Hyun Jae was in this drama as the lead, I wouldn't want him playing a 28 year old doctor. I'm not into actors playing someone ten years younger, LOL. But why, oh why, Kang Min Hyuk as the opposite lead of all people? you are example of pple who didnt watch this drama and just go around to speard hate !!!!!!!!! I think we have seen her as the tough girl before... The casting of Kang Min Hyuk was also a grave mistake. i really suggest everyone who has a problem with age gap to go and watch other noona romance.you will saw how much these type of romance is better than those typical cheesy romance that you can see in all of other kdramas...

you will have all the feels in the last episode then vola! I do appreciate some dramas which have unexpected endings, but not this type of ending. It's so cliche but i will forgive you if you give me a happy ending. He is cute and amazing, proformed well, druming and good singing. She can act by simply using her eyes and deliver the message of her character just like what she did in Empress Ki. A sigh of relief among all kdrama full of fantasies and magic nowadays. Currently rewatching Empress Ki while waiting for next week's episode. : D the house (on the island) where jae-gul invited eun-jae to have their family dinner is also the house in endless love winter sonata, where jung yoo-jin (choi ji woo) met again the blind kang jun-sang (bae yong joon). why dr song treat this could she can blame him even as a excuse for pushing him away when she know that , he has sensitive personality and he will take his words by heart.. The scene shld remind us not to take our moms for granted as this is a scene of regrets, regrets for shutting mom out while climbing the corporate ladder. @whynot, is there any writen rule anywhere that laid out the required age diference between the co stars? Hajiwon performs well for a good and confident doctor while Minhyuk can convey the warmth of the doctor. @cammie, Its exactly bc of EK that I've not been in favour of HJW return to MBC. As for JCW as a better match I find his over the top acting was just a put off. :'( I'm not saying that his acting is bad, but, it just feels a bit off with the pairing. kwak hyun is new doctor, it means he should be around 27-28 years in this they could cast JO hyun jae in this drama as a person with only 28 years old and viewrs believe it??!!! and minhyuk's acting was good enough as a new doctor. His expressions are terribly limited and he has zero chemistry with Ha Ji Won. I feel it's similar to Steven Spielberg who uses orchestra for background music. first watch one of those , then come here and suggest is "i hear your voice" is student when lee bo young is lawyer , and even their real age gap is near 12 super famous drama with high rating in korea and beloved between kdrama fans Basically I don't like donsaeng-noona romance in kdramas, but after watching the great drama "I hear your voice", I decided not to judge the drama based on that.

I really like the story and hoping for a great ending, but they did not end the story well. Hospital Ship is the great drama and I love this drama so much. This drama is supposed to be the best drama of the year and I fell in love with Minhyuk and Hajiwon. Come on we have already crossed the mid of this drama... The writer obviously did not portray a perfect persona for every character. Song learned to conceal her emotions and be brave enough to handle all their family matters coz her mother cant handle the problems esp when their father left them. She became a one-track minded person who focuses to resolve her family issues above else. Over dramatic display of emotion, it's putting me off watching this, come on writers, don't drown your characters. After the previous painful episodes, seeing dr kwak and dr song smile just feel the sweetest! Oh i just died seeing dr kwak holding the camera and smile. He was always good, loved him in Heartstrings & Heirs now in HS as a lead he is showing that he has some major acting skills. I love the last night epesode it look likes thiers a reconcile between and dr. When you have real talents in lead roles deserving of their roles & the titles "actress and actor" it makes viewing more worthwhile. hahaha @need a miracle, whats wrong with wearing a plungging neckline. my bae minhyuk with my fav actress hajiwon and my new fav lee seo won. CN Blue members are not only multi-talented but also super cooooool!!!!!! If you want their dramas then go watch their dramas and enjoy your ship delusions there.

Of Jamaican descent, Keisha, who renames herself Natalie, is smart, disciplined, ambitious, and duplicitous.With exceptional discernment, wit, empathy, and artistry, Smith creates a breathtakingly intricate mesh of audible and interior voices while parsing family relationships, class and racial divides, marriage, and friendship. The seller cannot add a Buy Now price once bidding has started.In this quintessential twenty-first-century urban novel depicting a vibrant, volatile multicultural world, Smith calibrates the gravitational forces of need and desire, brutality and succour, randomness and design, dissonance and harmony, and illuminates both heart-breaking and affirming truths about the paradoxes of human complexity." - a *** starred *** review on Booklist (US) Very favourable reviews on ");" data-id="watchlist-bottom" href="/Browse/Add To Watchlist.aspx? The ending was just too unrealistic and absurd for a medical drama that has such logical sense. Ha Ji Won perfectly conveyed every emotions to the viewers with or without the surgery mask. Ep 29 and 30 were so outstanding but the episodes after that were so meh. Just when the casting was first known, we heard lots of voices tt there shld not be any romance. I was not surprised at how well he performed in this drama and why both Hajiwon and Minhyuk can show the chemistry that impresses the viewers. from HK i didnt fallow hajiwon since her pair with hyun bin (her other dramas werent my cup of tea) and i saw minhyuk in entertainer and i liked him & his acting there. And you Dr Song, you'd better accept Dr Kwak fast because we're dying here. Started watching again after skipping few episodes which was too much for me. She stays true within her character even as Gil Ra Im before. Song seems to be cold and composed but eventually loosen herself up with her HS family. @ Huntress (re: Friendly discussion) Yes, we all have different perspectives and perceptions of how people should act and I respect that and your opinion. I watched as soon as it aired Wednesday in Korean and watched again in Thai. HJW is so good in acting with her eyes, you'll really see the the type of character in every drama she portrays. This show is another work that we as fans will treasure because of her marvelous acting skills, as always. After I watched episode 20, I hate old girlfriend of Hyun so much. One of those actresses that can give different look in every character that she portrays. Now with revelation of ex's disease Kwak will also drift from SEJ. Kwak when she arrived in the same island where they kissed, to have lunch with Kim family. i know that she is under big pressure but is so pititful here. Interesting plot so far at least not a dragging story with same romance and break ups.. Going by the plot so far, guess Eun Jae cld be the sis of Hyun as Ive not come across any mention of EJ's dad (or hve I miss it). Even if minhyuk looks like her son (which many will tell u ut u need a eye checkup to say that) whats the problem. By the time u reach HJW's age a guy of minhyuk's age might look like your grandson. i love ep 7 the drama's focous was on female lead till ep 7and finally we can see some BTS of male actor too, although we stilldont know what happened to him that make fear of intubation in himbut seeing his family is new page for this drama, male actor did so much better in this ep too, and there was not any sign of that awk acting which we saw in first the intraction between male and female lead too After watching this drama I really love it. Ive fast forward scenes he came on but continue watching bc of HJW. I shall not side track into details not related to HS. However, looking at his place in the plot Ive accepted tt his acting is consistent with the drama character. I don't understand why K-dramas have a constant need of casting untalented idols and pair them up with the brilliant older actresses? The story was really great and although I couldn't love the romance, it is one of my best ever kdramas.I have to say the last episode is a flop Score: Excluding the ending: 8/10 Including the ending: 6.5/10 Definitely a MUST WATCH DRAMA! Haha Kang Min Hyuk delivered a consistent character. Other casts made the whole run of Hospital Ship enjoyable and interesting They deserve awards for this heartwarming drama. ..hahaha .for the 1st time i am willing to watch ha ji won acting .its hard from ep 1-6...hahaha...since i don't like her in Sex is Zero2...wait the other episode. During the middle, viewers started to clamour for more intimate scenes cz of the OTP overflowing chemistry. but when the news came out i was like wth is with this pairing. She learned to let her pride go several times for the sake of her family and patients. Kim said, she's guarding her feelings because she does not want to look weak and appear lacking. For me it is better than a sudden change just because she fell in love and then will eventually loose herself. I'm liking the story line so far and I'm not sure what is putting me off on Eun Jae's character as the first drama I ever watched was one of Ha Ji-Won's and I am a fan of her work. I think she's too mature to act this way and both her love interests look and act a little too young for her. She returned to Hyun while she knowing that she is sick and dying. Lets all see how the story unfolds and how the characters face their every struggle and fears. Hope there is some change in the plot for upcoming episodes. Come on writer please dont make it a melodrama now! Hope there is a good change in situation for next week. please dont blame him, dont push him away, dont treat him this way.seeing his sad eyes and disappointed face broke my heart multiple times. MBS could have casted someone more good for the role of Hyun's ex.. Same thing happens to me as the bellow comment, i can endure to watch my minhyuk hurt. I had too discontinue , no more choice you left Dr. Definitely I have became fan of Kang Min Hyuk instead. if Im correct, it will be interesting as the actor of Hyun's dad was the dad of gil ra im (HJW) in secret garden. He has played out well what is required of him in that position, someone overshadowed by his father's success. As a newbie, who doesn't have much experience n has fears of his past failures.. As for lee seo won, I don't understand why he is so twisted? That gives him no reason to spew bad abt the heroine.. I wouldn't be surprised if the ratings plunge in the next three weeks. wo seems really good, it seems we have another nice medical drama.tired of those stupid cheesy romance drama.Anglo Leah is unconventional, fearful, compassionate, and devious.They were close growing up together in public housing but are now leading somewhat divergent lives.They should not make the lead female fell sick if they only had two episode (and it's short), if they want to make her sick then why not killed her in the end? If she has shown care and concern she is trying to get the attention of her co-stars. It's a drama with 40 episodes and it's hard to make every episodes to be fun in the drama which has so many episodes like this. It has to admire the writer and all the actors especially lead actors. They are able to show the amazingly compatible chemistry. At first I wasn't cool with the missing romantic moments, but now I must say it's OK, I love the drama the way it is! Great parting gift of this year- Hospitalship drama. I wish we can see some more cute scenes between leads in upcoming episodes. Although i dislike hospital politics and malpractice cases, these are realistic scenarios. Hospital ship and temperature of love is the best for now. Am a big fan of Ha Ji Won and I guess this drama is not her best drama. This gangster plot might make change in hyun and eun jae's relation! Let us see what is the surprise element in next week's episode. Saranghae My favorite couple right now is Hajiwon and Minhyuk. It's plain spotless and complete satisfaction when your watching this. And this is the first time i have the same feeling agian. It's so fun and watch the second round during waiting the next episode. The whole drama focuses on differrent slice of life and how humans handle each struggles differently. We are being offered of another side of life and a chance to understand life as a whole in a different perspective. i really miss their romance, writer should add in more. As for Jo Hyun Jae, dont we know they look for actors to fit the script at hand and not the other way round. if you look at instagram and comments under the first teaser, many pple thinks the same.dont like it? MBC lose viewers these last time so i don't think they'll win with it. The storyline seems different from previous medical dramas, so I'm looking forward to it. Haters gonna hate but im one of those fans who will always support my dearest Ha Ji Won. @Kayleen, I'm a HJW fan and i dont apologise for it. I'm one who is apprehensive about tagging these idols to her, not becos of the age gap but the acting gaps between them. If these idols/ newbies feel uncomfortable with her why come on board. fighting everyone..supporting you reading as i can all the articles about this drama. really i feel happy for her and this drama for the leads are preparing for their roles.If they want to make a happy ending they can make another plot, or at least lengthening the episodes. Ive watch dramas for years and have never liked this shipping exercise. I really commend the writer for the awesome dialogue and overall sensitivity of the scenes. Thanks to team Hospitalship for their amazing acting and the plot. Feel as if he really has something for our Unni in his heart! I would have liked it more if this was 16 episodes and ended with the pirates episodes and a passionate kiss of the OTP after they got together. what happen to the baby who was born inside the hospital ship. To all the crew and cast u deserve a round of applause. Enough with this slow romance just let them be together please. From this drama, I fell in love with Minhyuk and Hajiwon. As viewers we definitely have our own ways of handling problems. Its about human interest without any dose of fantasy, magic and such. I didn't know grown woman acted like that, especially one that was raised and loved by an open hearted mother. Although am not much for Noona romances this one just seems to work. The story really tackles a lot about life and human struggles and our different approach in handling those problems. Moreover Ji Won has got now 2 cases of Cancer to deal with and show her intellect. I really unexpectedly fell in love with the chemistry between HJW and both her younger male leads. Loving every bit of this drama EXCEPT the ex got illness and please stay by my side plotline. HS has been set to be abt a mix of doctors of different age group with diff level medical knowhow working together in a small ill equipped ship for outlying islands. The plot may well just focus on how a sr doc mentor the new ones, how people from different background work within the confined of a small ship with bare minimums, how they ultimately change by the time they leave. so i wonder why you waste your time to come here and comment about it, skip it and go and enjoy your fav channel.although tvn hadnt any good rating and high quality drama after GOBLIN till now Too bad they didn't take an actress more young for these handsome 3 boys. TVN is now better in quality of drama looking forward to watching this drama .. playing music, good singer, so handsome and very polite. I like him in the 'Heirs' and very impressed in 'Entertainer' He is a good actor. In terms of experience, of course Ha Ji Won is much more experienced with great series of work, but from what I saw in Entertainer, I think Min Hyuk can be at her level. You dont need to feel sorry for me or her other fans. Isnt there some benefits they think tthey can wring out from working with her before they decide to join in? Are you concern that; viewers after watching it will start to do ate older woman and in your eyes this is not good. There are plenty of dramas with actors romancing co stars young enough to be their daughters. By the way, dont u know tt kdramas has not been the place to learn how to live a morally upright life style. i really hope this will be a positively viewed by the koreans .It will be realistic enough if they show us how the lead female fight the illness with the support and let us see what the struggle and so on. The unkind words Ive come across in some shipping wars in other dramas really make me puke. Cant wait I hope that tomorrow there will not have any problem for time onair of this drama like the last week. Very long time to have a good korean drama like this. It's has a good idea while having fun making laughs, crying and smiling with the chemistry of the lead actors. the best drama 4 this year..ha ji won after HS please don't take long time for new drama/movie....gonna miss u Dr Song Eun Jae N Dr Kwak Hyun....i don't care about the rating becoz HS already in my heart... Kang min hyuk now you can sleep tight that you are stealing the show from ha ji won. This drama is the only one drama that me track on now. He knows that her sister carries most of the burden and she needs him to be strong coz Dr. Perhaps they should of made her mother meaner than the contrast wouldn't be so unbelievable. It's funny how in real life age difference between HJW & KMH is bigger than between her & actor who plays her Dad. Sometimes its right for you but for others that surrounds you, its wrong. they look like a real doctor and I love their eye's contact.. i guess any decent nice guy wont ignore a terminally ill ex in real life even. I hope the writer will be more creative and please please dont ruin the next half of the drama. So why do people insist that sr doc must have someone around her age to romance with when that is not the intention of the writer. I am a fan from Thailand and very happy to see Minhyuk in Bangkok .. Details of the plot are still not clear and you are making a fuss about its impact on viewers. Sorry for all Ha Ji Won fans here but i'm thinking also that there is so big age gap, what will be the message for viewers ? i fall in love with minhyuk after entertainer and gonna watch this because of minhyuk but hajiwon is so proffessional and pretty too.looks so good together in their too...If they can operate her just like that, why bother to send her back to Seoul? Sorry, for me it's not realistic and so sad to watch the ending. So many people waiting for this drama for the whole week.me too. I watch the second round while waiting the next episode. Story is warm and amazing but if there is romance plot then why only 1 kiss scene till now!! Writer should include more romance apart from glancing and all. Her little brother is immature too, he is crying that something is wrong with his dad but he's already been told he is sick. Usually KDramas are better at matching actors/actresses to characters ages. Love his singing & drum skills in CNBlue but he has actually matured as an actor. But in the end we all just want to survive and be happy. Every time she cries I feel her sadness when her real life father died.. After I watched ep21-22, I hated Hyun's ex girldfriend a lot. You can never go wrong when you have a proven talented actress like Ha Ji Won in the lead. I got into CNBlue a whilr ago but only saw him as the cute-faced drummer but now he's the cute-faced, dreamy doctor drummer. The only problem I have with this drama is how cliche it's getting in recent episodes. [SPOILER] The ex-girlfriend has a terminal disease and could die in 2 years if she doesn't find a donor and now Dr. Like Ha Ji Won really needs to play in a drama this year because i think it's just a bad choice for her and for MBC i have plan to watch this drama because im in love with minhyuk after seeing him in entertainer.people seems have problem with age gap, but i personaly got more excited by this gap ..story line sound refreshing too..another nice meical drama I saw a post on Instagram of a people whining about the age gap that it's to big and blah blah talking about how Ha ji won is old and how they should of got someone of the same age category oh please if the actors actually really cared about that they would've decline the offer and wouldn't of took on the drama ....whats that saying people say "Age is just a number" dose this not apply here or is it just because jelly about her acting with your oppas ??? i cant believe i can see my 3 fav person in one frame. cant wait for this lovely couple can’t wait to see Kang min hyuk in the drama !!!!!! Imao how could you compared Han Ji Won acting to them she is more veteran on acting than them.


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