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Pua speed dating routines

A "lair" typically involves two elements: an online forum and group meetings.

These elements are used as resources for men who want to learn to become well-versed in how to successfully attract women.

Supporters of this community typically believe that the conventional dating advice for men is flawed.

For example, they reject the notion that men should attempt to woo women by spending money on them (e.g.

The community claims that these concepts derive from scientific disciplines, such as the concept of social proof from the psychology of influence, and various concepts from sociobiology and evolutionary psychology (such as the term "alpha male").

buying drinks, presents, jewelry), calling it supplication.

Many members of the seduction community work on their "game" (seduction skills) by improving their understanding of psychology, their confidence and self-esteem (termed "inner game"), and their social skills and physical appearance (physical fitness, fashion sense, grooming) ("outer game").

S.-based PUA speaker and instructor Julien Blanc was denied entry to both the United Kingdom and Australia after he published You Tube videos explaining and demonstrating behaviors such as grabbing women by the throat, and forcing their heads towards his crotch.

Research by Nathan Oesch of the University of Oxford Department of Experimental Psychology, however, confirmed attraction and seduction principles, as described in Strauss' books on the subject, do have a factual basis in social, physiological and evolutionary psychology.


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