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His height was a full human arm length taller than that of an adult male (i.e.2 meters and 50 centimeters) and he has developed 6-pack abs. Aside from growing longer, it has also turned gray. When he became an Apostle Lord, Rou was around 50 centimeters shorter than when he was an Ogre (i.e.cut him down and stomp on his skull, there's still a mural of it in Tibet.Killing for sustenance is actually well tolerated).He also greatly hates doing something without "righteousness", unless it is important and required to survive.An example is when he is angry and uncomfortable when he sees the female Humans that were kidnapped in the cave, and repeatedly violated in order to produce more Goblin babies.His skin became black because he is a Rare Variant kind of Hobgoblin that was blessed by one of the oldest Gods, the Great God of Origin and Demise.

His eyes turned blood red, same color as Dhammi's, and can read from a book from nearly fifteen meters away.Later, he wakes up only to find himself reincarnated as a Goblin, a Monster Species considered to be of the lowest class.His memories as a Human and his original esper ability, Absorption, remained in him.At the same time, he's very intelligent (not that obvious with his speech/thought process) and actually pretty reasonable.It is shown he actually cares about those around him.Due to his Absorption ability, Rou can gain abilities from objects and creatures by eating them.Since he can't have 2 of the same skill his Original skill becomes upgraded/stronger when he eats the same thing multiple times.Despite this, he has a kind attitude towards his Goblin underlings, helping them learn to hunt, training them, and even encouraging them with gifts when they achieve something good.He adapts easily to every situation and condition, which can be seen from his strategies to hunt and his ability to solve every problem.As a Goblin, Rou has the size of an elementary school kid with a bald head and green skin.He looks like an average typical Goblin, except for a canine protruding out from his mouth, and having a pointed eyelids.


  1. The fiend totem power causes any enemy striking you in melee to suffer 1d6 points of piercing. Carnage, Intimidating Prowess. titan mauler does.

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