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Outlook appointment tracking not updating

I initially thought the tracking would only update when the email was opened, so I created a rule for the user that all mails into that inbox were automatically opened. But the tracking has reverted back to not correctly reflecting the responses in the Inbox. For example if you attempt to delete a meeting, the Send Cancellation form automatically appears.You cannot save this change without clicking the Send Cancellation button to send the cancelation email.

Responses to the meeting that contain a sequence number older then the one currently in use are considered out of date and do not update the Tracking Information.

The patch mentioned above makes some slight changes to how the sequence number is set.

The patch requires the Black Berry Enterprise Server to provide a sequence number.

If a meeting request is sent out, when a user is trying to find out who's accepting and declining the request; the tracking tab is not picking up the responses.

I've tested this myself, and it's been very inconsistant.


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