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Online dating why it fails

Despite the shocking dark side of looking for love online, the reality might shock you even more because it's unexpected.

What is the real reason online dating isn't working for you? Now, if that sentence offends you at all, that may be a clue for you to pay special attention.

Below, 15 online dating profiles and messages that prove all your fears about online dating are completely warranted.

Ive noticed that they dont use the search options we choose & they continue to allow the same people we have deleted or x’d out to keep popping up.

If you do the quick and simple math there, that means that 80% of online daters are NOT getting the result they think they're paying for on those sites. As a former award-winning advertising copywriter before I got into relationship coaching, this is incredibly obvious to me, but to most it's not.

I don't know about you, but those odds suck if you ask me. That's because its job is to get attention, cause engagement, pique curiosity, create a favorable impression and generate a response. If you asked me to safely split an atom, let's just say I wouldn't sound or look nearly as smart as I might in this particular area.

The truth is no matter what your experience or back story, the main reason why online dating doesn't work for the majority of people is shockingly simple—its ineffective or poorly developed profiles. I didn't say it's all your fault or that you somehow deserve to suffer; on the contrary, I do this work because I believe everyone deserves to feel more loved than they've felt before ... The reality is, one third of all new marriages began with an online date, so there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that online dating does undeniably work. The difference between a good ad and a bad ad is breathtakingly simple.

But, here's the other interesting statistic—only about 20% of online daters say it's working for them, which is defined by whether they're dating, in a relationship, engaged or married as a result. A good ad works and gets a response, which is the intended result; a bad ad gets ignored and is a tremendous waste of time, money and resources.


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