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It is believed to be the first time in 219 years the Battle of the Nile has been “re enacted”.During the re enactment modern leaders were asked to use their knowledge of Nelson’s leadership, and predict how and what decisions he would make as the battle simulation unfolded.

Other historical references were also woven in, such as Dambuster Barnes Wallis’ reference to Nelson at the Nile as being the inventor of the first bouncing bomb; and the origins of the ‘Boy stood on the burning deck’ poem.

We also explored the origins of the Band of Brothers, and the rarely discussed 5 combat protocols (what you do when you come into contact with the enemy).

Interestingly I found afterwards from a special forces trained guest, that the SAS are today using something similar.

Leaders had 6 decisions to make – including the critical one made by Capt Foley – to go “around the back”.

The re enactment ended with the story of the 2 ships that got away and the chase down of the colours of At Nelsonspirit we are trying to keep Nelson’s Leadership legacy alive.


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