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A look at some of the bestselling “dating guides” on Amazon showcases a wealth of so called rules that include how long we should wait to contact, who should make the contact, how to have someone eating out of the palm of our hand and more.

All of these guides are chock full of trickery and petty manipulation that has created a modern dating culture filled with deceptive and at times totally conflicting qualities.

Dating is supposed to be fun and frankly we need to get back to that revelry!

It’s time to get rid of destination obsession and just get to know one another without the heaviness of “where is this going” and other questions that often times are symptomatic of putting the cart before the horse.

Let’s take out the comparison and learn to enjoy the ride.

Everything these days is done through a device of some sort.

Here is how we can find a little bit of honesty in increasingly dishonest dating culture.

It’s time for us all to stop being romantic opportunists.

Instead we should choose someone because they make us come alive with passion and feel empowered. Do they want to travel or are they more into their immediate community? ) is in such a damn rush to get to the end result they are glossing over the whole “getting to know you” phase.

I empathize with those who are looking for love; the modern dating culture seems to have become a minefield of deception, game playing and limitless confusion.

These days what we think is the right thing to do is wrong and everything is about power plays, down playing and denying.


  1. Oct 11, 2016. Romantic hopefuls have been baring their souls on social media by creating brutally honest dating profiles - with one describing himself as a 'short nerdy Asian boy with jealousy issues'.

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