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Online dating for wheelchair users

If however I was in a serious long term relationship with someone and they became wheelchair bound then yes I would stick by them.Dont wallow in your own self pity OP its dangerous ground, theres lots of people on here unable to find love the same as you .........wheelchair bound or not !!

WTF Nice lady here asking for a bit of advice and some ****ing bloody tosspiece says it's a troll post. as part of a training programme a group of us paired up for the day, one wheelchair between the two of us, I spent the morning in it, my mate the afternoon, in the morning I was shouted at as if I was deaf, my mate pushing me was asked by shop assistants, what I wanted??? and it's not that they are wheelchair users that incites the crap treatment.what I will guarantee you on this forum though is that you will be treated with the exact same regard all posters are..we're all sitting here with some in/dis ability to some extent, whether that's physical or posting your thoughts, OP - your humour, your opinions , and you never know your luck, there could be someone reading your insights who would see through your physical disability and get to like you for who you are...... Right someone has put this post up for deletion!!!!!!Depends if she puts out on the first date, if she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose-pipe or............................If she was such a nice girl that I failed to notice her chair, what next ~ would I date a black girl?) - chair or no chair.i find these types of questions quite offensive...would you date a black guy..? inspite of things that we may percieve as wrong with them..youre a pretty girl and if you have a good personality then you will get dates, if you have the attitude poor me whos gonna want me in a wheelchair..? I have a good mate in a chair - great fun bloke and lovely to be around (also married with children! One of the funniest things I have ever watched was him in goal during a kids v adults football match.His cunning plan was to have a large sack of sweeties to throw at children to distract them if they looked like attacking his goal.The only problem is that "Doris" can't handle her drink so he does tend to fall over after one too many southern comforts.Doesn't really answer your question as I'm a guy so wouldn't date him as I like the ladies.or physical do dahhssss (cute ass is a must though!)Able or differently talented, if your asking me for a date, can you get a round in?


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