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what I will guarantee you on this forum though is that you will be treated with the exact same regard all posters are..

we're all sitting here with some in/dis ability to some extent, whether that's physical or posting your thoughts, OP - your humour, your opinions , and you never know your luck, there could be someone reading your insights who would see through your physical disability and get to like you for who you are...... Right someone has put this post up for deletion!!!!!!

have you ever dated some 1 who is a wheelchair user? I spent alot of time with a guy in a wheelchair....

it certainly did not restrict me/us or our quality of life.

I wouldn't want to date someone in a wheelchair as I have, or maybe did, specify in my profile that I was looking for a sailing partner. I'm with Mac on this, I wouldn't choose someone with a dissability like a wheel chair, but if I was with someone who became dissabled I would stick with them. Or I could sail with another bloke, that's where activity partners come in. I'll make my choice as and when the situation arises. but i wouldn't date a guy in a wheelchair unless we was already in a relationship and something happened beyond his control that he has to be in a wheelchair.. i do have a good quailty of life and would feel that id have to change my life someway to cater for them...

or physical do dahhssss (cute ass is a must though!

)Able or differently talented, if your asking me for a date, can you get a round in?


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