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It also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the more difficult aspects of life; those that we may, perhaps, wish do not exist. Your professionalism and talent are shining through the very sparse news about you. He is an wonderfully talented actor and has those flirty and mischievous eyes.

Unfortunately, they do and film is a good medium for exploring them. Good actors portray others' personalities, not their own. whenever i got time during weekdays and spare time in my office Got to watch his movies especially love story in harvard. I am looking forward to seeing you in action again.

still searching for more series by Kim Rae Won Hi.. Recently I watched your drama " doctor" and I immediately fall in love with you. i've seen "my little bride" waaay back then but i didn't recognize him. Its just 10episodes and i think kim rae won already tops my fav list even surpassing joongki and leeminho!! ..hopefully, he will have more movies in the future... You delivered every scene so well especially in the surgery and your amazing chemistry with PSH. You and PSH have such an amaźing chemistry, infact she has the best chemistry with you compared to all her co-stars. I really hope your friendship with PSH will continue to grow and perhaps you her in real life. watched the episodes of your new drama "doctors" thrice already...i am getting obsessed with th drama..every thing about this drama -story,cast,lead pair chemistry is bang on.. I have been a fan of yours for MANY years and am so thankful to be able to watch you in your new drama, Doctors. Like both of your charismatic personalities as well as enthusiastic, confident and unique performances. In "Which Star Are You From," I really love you, really like, especially in the "My Little Bride." I love you there !! I hope you get a good scenario, I'm waiting for your latest drama ! he has to portray many aspects such as the doting father, disillusioned husband, cunning prosecutor, corrupt and ruthless henchman, filial son and protective brother.

We in the Philippines are expecting another Drama Series from you with Park Shin Hye. Good luck i've never fangirled so hard for an actor until i know you on "doctors"! But then i started watching DOCTORS and cunt just stop myself from falling for kim rae won..hez so adorable..acting skills are so so good that everything i watch onscreen seem so natural to me..if kim rae won and park shin hye are really a couple!! KRW, I fell in love with you after watching "the doctors". Keep fighting for Excellent Actor in Baeksang Awards ..... oppa, although I haven't watched all your drama, I like you in "My Love Patzzi," role you more big than lover of the girl. and I hope you're paired with pretty girl like Moon Geun-Young, both of you really matched and mismatched. I don't think it is that easy to act as Park Jung Hwan altho he appears as a cold and unfeeling character.

She moved to New York, then Paris, where she met and married the great great grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte. Today, she is very active in international commerce, art collecting, investments, real estate, fashion, but she never forgets to support many charitable causes.

Her sport activities include yachting, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, and the game of polo. “My life’s experiences have been incredible, but have taught me that nothing in this world is as important as being and feeling truly happy with my inner self.

She earned all her success by hard work, modesty, always positive personality and helping others.

Am from india and am a hardcore fan of korean dramas.are so simple,cute and to the point!! I really love this drama and I feel that PSH has the best chemistry with you. I was so excited when I heard that you were partnering Park Shin Hye in DOCTORS..some people doubted whether there will be any good chemistry with between you and PSH due to age gap....She is one of the most fascinating, impressive, but also mysterious and secretive figures of the modern European Aristocracy.An internationally recognized top fashion model, who married a descendant of famous Napoleon Bonaparte bloodline, Joy Countess du Lau d’Allemans is truly an inspiration for all modern women worldwide. Make a comeback on drama after the big success of Doctors. Geun Young is a great actress so a good story will showcase the talents of two good artists. Kim Rae Won, a very bad man in Gangnam 1970 gave me pause for a lot of thought. Kim Rae Won has this special charm that I can't explain and I love the way he smiles. for me his the best actor in Korea, he may not have that pretty face like my favorite sjs,ssh and jgs but his the best among the best when it comes to acting, his hot and sexy,he wears the best sweetest smile ever. hope you be back with another project real soon _ es uno de los mejores actores coreanos gracias a el me gustan mucho ese tipo de doramas especialmente la de A Thousand Days Promise y Cat om the Roof son mis favoritas es un exelente actor ojala saque otros doramas mas nos facina estare esperando con ansias al ver amor en harvard su actuacion me volvi su fans nº1 aqui en Bolivia es muy dificil conseguir sus novelas y peliculas.. Looking forward for your next series I'm happy we get to see him every Wed-Thurs this December! I wonder how these two would perform in another movie or drama now that they are older. admire his talent and dedication :) I am amazed at both Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho has gone from "Flower Boy" and matured into a man, that became evil in this performance and made me believe it. He in my opinion has left the "pretty boy" behind to become a promising actor with versatility. Please make some more dramas soon for your fans, KRW. I hope he take care of his body though since its one of the most important thing in being an actor.One of few exceptions are polo events, for example in April 2014, when Joy participated in 2014 Miami Beach Polo World Cup in International Polo Club Palm Beach, due to her wide contacts with Mr.Alex Webbe, president of Polo Consultants international business company. Seems so easy for you to '' jump'' from a role to the other and for me this show pure talent , sir . I saw all your projects because is always a pleasure to see what you bring new . Any roles given to him, he really gives justice and played so well and end it with flying colors. For me, Kim Rae Won will always be Park Sang Min in the movie My Little Bride where he got married to high school student Moon Geun Young as Suh Boeun. So he can't even use too many facial expressions to portray his emotions in this drama. The reason why I'm asking you about the drama "Cat On The Roof" is that Lee Min Ho oppa has recently said in his interview that he likes 2 play a casual role like the one Kim Rae Won did in "Cat On The Roof"!! Let's hope it provides him with the opportunities he deserves and leads to further sensitive and stimulating scripts coming his way. I am anxiously waiting for his new project and a bit upset that there is no news on it. Is his new management company not doing their job ? for me an actor or actress always trying their best to each of their works ... KRW , for me you are still much to be improved in your acting , I can still see the scene which can be developed and become better or scenes that are not necessary..all the works you all just good. Kim Rae Won , you are one of the best actor i saw in my life . Because of his new drama doctors i must say he truly a versatile actor and one of the greateast. he delivers perfectly whatever role he plays that I've seen him even from way back then - never failed to connect and adopt .. And am a doctor myself..i must say the team doesnt provide a single chance to question on d subjct even...everything is so beautifully and realistically portrayed..our serials generally not much is focussed on reality or subject!! He actually has this sinister smile where only one side of his mouth will "smile" - which i take it to be due to his gradually frozen facial features due to his advancing cancer. He deserves sincere praise and all his fans are certain to be looking forward to his next performance with anticipation. He is handsome and the characters that he represents are so powerful. I have seen about 4 of his dramas and 2 of his movies. I'll be patiently waiting for your next drama..of love!Kim Ray-Won is a great actor and has a broad repertoire of characters. Please don't don't make anymore movies like Gangnum Blues! You are a great actor and those kind of movies don't show your personality! He has grown so much and I have watched all his dramas that I could find. My first time to watch kim raw woo and also discovered his existence....i was stunned to see real and professional acting on such heavy melodrama...everybody says he has matured well can't compare cause like what i said my first time to watch kim rae woo's excellent acts i guess born to be an actor. I think it is really quite hard to imagine what his real personality is like. He is so versatile and is able to portray so many different characters with the added ability to project the emotions of those characters. His acts without a doubt is moving and no tinge of glitch.i realize how korean drama blossom to a true art and deserved to be recognized for international firm...


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