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Numb3rs charlie and amita start dating

He is the FBI's best sniper, as well as being the fourth best shot in the United States.

He is also a top tracker, and has the luxury of choosing his own cases.

Cal Sci recruit Oswald Kittner (Jay Baruchel) warmed to her, making his decision to become a student easier.

While she does not appear in the last three seasons, she is mentioned.

This article contains character information for the television show NUMB3RS.

The focus of the show is the relationship between brothers Don and Charlie Eppes.

According to actress Kathy Najimy, Millie is a smart, independent woman who does whatever it takes to get the job done and who does not like pursuits of goals that are contrary to her mission.

Millie was only scheduled to appear in two to three episodes.

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Kathy Najimy was not interested in work in television at the time.It is heavily implied in "Two Daughters" and "Pandora's Box" that Ian used interrogation techniques which included physical force and borderline torture to get information out of a teenage accomplice of Crystal Hoyle.It is also implied that Don has seen or heard of Ian using such techniques before.Despite their early rancor, however, the pair have come to a mutual respect for their different expertises and even a kind of friendship.He backed Don up to their superiors regarding Don taking the Crystal Hoyle kill-shot, which took place in "Two Daughters" and Ian referenced in conversation with Don in "Pandora's Box".Being lighthearted, she has made a bet with Alan on who can go longer without using consumer products, and has even helped him with his lawsuit by showing that his design specifications were not met.She is a fan of James Bond films and took a three-month sabbatical from MIT to sail the South Pacific with a friend.Colby stated that although it was obvious from the aftermath that Ian had been involved in an operation, "you never saw him". During their first encounters, Ian and Charlie clashed: Charlie did not believe in using guns to solve problems and disdained Ian's dispassion about killing, while Ian believed Charlie's mathematic approach was too academic for real cases and his scientific viewpoint made his objections to Ian's attitude hypocritical.He even went so far in their early acquaintance as to call Charlie's math "voodoo".At the end of the season five season finale, Ian goes on a date with Nikki Betancourt.During season six, Ian is accused of murdering one of his informants and of taking money from a drug dealer that Ian had arrested years earlier.


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