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Not accommodating

“Respondents failed to present sufficient evidence that providing an accommodation of Plaintiff’s religious beliefs to the end of her term created an undue burden.” Read Devine’s ruling in full here.The State later withdrew its appeal and entered into a settlement with Myrick.“Our country has found ways to honor the consciences of those with differing views on the death penalty, the draft, and abortion.And federal employment anti-discrimination law requires we do the same on marriage too,” the Heritage Foundation said in a statement, as reported by The Daily Signal.Perhaps there were those unique circumstances — of a hushed past where secrets of a shamed love affair produced that “unwanted child” who was brought up by an eccentric aunt who neither cared about public opinion nor made judgments about the grown-up acts and misdeeds now forgotten long ago; but of the rest and the mediocre lot of us, we were just content to remain in quiet anonymity and not invite the ire of societal condemnations.Now, of course, we do a swab-test, purchase a “kit” and decipher the mysterious genealogy of that twisted image we grasped on to from our school days when science was a muddle and instruction was something to survive — of that “DNA” conundrum that has pervaded the lexicon of our daily lives.

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If Gayle had asked to shift her schedule for any other reason, she would have been allowed to keep her job,” the religious liberties organization Becket outlined.

Once, it was not a valid question; or, at least not one in which most people were concerned about, unless you were born “out of wedlock” or an orphan shuttered in some institutional hideaway relegated to be humble and taught to forever be thankful for even being alive.

Upon a time now gone, the name by which we were called, the reference to the parental lineage — “Oh, that’s Tom’s youngest” or “She’s Minerva’s middle-‘un” — was enough of an identifier, and we were satisfied with the parochial ways in which we saw ourselves.

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