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Noel jones dating nene leakes

Jay throws Justin in a dive hotel I suppose – we don’t see where he goes – but it seems that way.At home, he tells Christy about Justin and we learn that’s the most important thing to Jay right now, but I can’t concentrate because every time I see Christy, I can’t take my eyes off her lips. Loretta is so high up on her horse that she decides to go after my sweet new Mama, Lavette, telling her it’s none of her business! He’s certainly acting like one, letting Ron go after Loretta, calling her a Jezebel, with nary a peep out of Noel!each other, and that’s the best time for Dietrick to ask Dominique to recap the Sip and See.Yes, I’d like to hear this, too, because I didn’t see any Sippin’ or Seein’, just shade being thrown.

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Now Oxygen is a channel I can get behind because they’re playing the whole long version of the Idris Elba commercial!Back from commercial and it’s now the rumble in the jungle, with Ron doing the rope-a-dope on Loretta and she’s so confused she don’t know what day it is, much less the time!Her corner man, Noel, should throw in the towel because she’s ‘bout ready to go down for the count. He KNOWS Noel ain’t paying for this cow, not now, not ever! ” Unfortunately, we have to go back to Jay and his “church” and his dopey expectation that the drug addict is going ot show up.Seems Jay preachin’ in his ear didn’t’ do diddly squat.Our man Jay seems to think he’s Peter, but he’s not even Peter Brady!Then we cut to Noel and Loretta playing pool at home, and Loretta is slamming those balls.Noel still can’t understand why Ron objects to Loretta, but she don’t’ care – she doesn’t need Ron. Because we have to be reminded that these folks are preachers.Well, we're back for round two of Preachers of L. Clarence Mc Clendon was too busy counting money Scrooge Mc Duck-style with his butler to make much of an appearance, while Noel Jones was all about family and females…or one female in particular.Ron Gibson took it upon himself to provide premarital counseling to Deitrick Haddon and his fiance, but we all know Deitrick doesn't like being told what to do.Bishop made it out of the hood, but his sister is still struggling there with her addiction.Things get a little heated and she's not happy to see the cameras rolling as she explains feeling ill from using heroin. ) and come back tomorrow for Lauren's take on the new episode!


  1. Bishop Noel Jones Reveals Love Affair with LisaRaye McCoy on “Pastors of L. A.”, Source Says AT2W.

  2. Nov 7, 2013. Preachers of L. A.'s 5th episode aired last night November 6, 2013 and Noel Jones, who was noticeably absent from episode 4, is one of the featured. This week Bishop Jones and his girlfriend, Loretta Jones, are the main topic of conversation amongst the preachers and everyone on the show seems.

  3. Aug 28, 2014. Way to match the facial expression with the feeling, girlfriend! Loretta promptly brings the spotlight to her side of the table by spilling her feelings about Lavette and Ron – they seem to be judging her by not wanting to participate in her pretending to be First Lady of Noel's church when she doesn't have a.

  4. Jun 21, 2012. Bishop Jones, 62, runs the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Calif. is the brother of singer and supermodel Grace Jones, and has been romantically linked to famous faces like Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and actress LisaRaye McCoy. Stacy was famously involved in a nightclub.

  5. Nov 14, 2013. Lady Myesha Chaney, Lady Christy Haizlip, and Loretta sit down for lunch at the restaurant Loretta owns with Noel Jones. The ladies discuss Deitrick Haddon's upcoming wedding and whether or not tattoos are sinful. Myesha Chaney clearly doesn't approve of marking one's flesh with ink, but her husband.

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