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It's the one time that everyone in the company can meet in person all the people we work with every day.

_________________ I have gotten a list of concerns from the legal department.

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If and when you find yourself talking to a non-Uber (look for the wristband), keep confidential stuff confidential... don't talk about internal process, and don't talk about initiatives that have not already launched. #Slang as many Miamians, drivers, influencers as you can as passionately as you can and let them know why Uber will make this great city an even better place.

In what is arguably an unusual email for the very top executive to send to employees, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick advised his staff in case they decided to have sex at a company outing in Miami in 2013.

Internally called the “Miami letter,” it is a saucy rulebook for the then 400 employees at the company, who were headed to Florida’s Shore Club for what was a party-focused celebration of the car-hailing company’s success.

Some worried that building a global public company required a more mature tone from the CEO.

Still others thought it contributed to an increasingly pervasive culture of sexism at the company, where some did not welcome the top execs making persistent jokes about partying.


  1. Aug 4, 2011. UPDATE The European Parliament reached out to say that they strongly deny all allegations in the email, and no one is working in illegal circumstances at the European Parliament. They also wish to make clear that the e-mail was deleted from the system completely legally, after consulting with a data.

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