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Mega dating tips pictures of valentines hearts rose rollins dating anyone

I created Eros Blog more than 14 years ago to blog about sexuality and every kind of erotica.

In all that time my commitment to documenting and celebrating the diverse pleasures of human sexuality has never wavered.

I currently strive to provide a good attribution for everything that is posted to Eros Blog, but I'm pressed for time.

Many days, the work commitments that pay my bills leave me just a few moments to work on the blog. Even when I identify the source or an artist, I may not take the time to find a good link, or to provide complete context. The more support I get, the more time I can take and the more detail I can provide in attributing the erotic material that appears on the blog.

The kind with bottomless amphorae of wine -- and bottomless party guests, too! I want to do that too - and so do you, if you're an Eleutherian supporter.

If I could throw that kind of party for real, you would come. I'll even write a blog post about a topic that excites you, assuming it's suitably Bacchanalian. What's more, is what I charge these days for one job of simple provenance research.

Select two nonstick baking sheets and a heart-shaped cutter about 12cm across at the widest part, or alternatively a variety of heart sizes if you prefer.

Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and brush the baking sheets with vegetable oil.

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My nymphs and satyrs Your support makes us official henchpeople. My namesake Bacchus is the youngest of your Olympian siblings.We used white writing icing and pink confetti heart sprinkles from Sainsbury’s.The cookies will be crisp on the day of making, turning soft and chewy the day after.The Wayback Machine (love it though I do with a passionate lust) can only catch snapshots and fractions.Every broken link and missing website and deleted blog and banned Tumblr and failed social media platform is like a new bit of dead grey matter in the stroke-ridden brain of the internet. I have a special skill, honed by years of pursuing my digital curation hobby, polished with many hundreds of paid research commissions, and reinforced by a quarter-century of close attention paid to the internet's dirty pictures.The "best" three images from some obscure source are in 10,000 places, and (if we're lucky) attributed properly in two of those places. Documenting Erotic Provenance The internet never forgets a dirty picture.The other seven images from that source might or might not be on the internet at all, and the text that was first published with them? Finding those rare correct attributions, searching out the true source, assembling the of this curation than I would prefer, because it takes oodles of time (and often money) that I currently can't afford. But it gets confused, sometimes, about where they came from.and work to a dough, adding a little more flour if it seems sticky.Tip on to a work surface, bring it into a ball and pat between your palms until you have a smooth and shiny dough. Chill in the fridge for several hours or overnight.The two specific threats that most firmly grip my attention are:1) Search discrimination, which began when Google started assuming people do not want to see adult results unless they use an unrelated explicit keyword along with their actual search term.It now finds its expression in an infinity of apps, devices, and social media platforms that simply exclude adult content from their walled gardens or blacklist most adult keywords in their internal search tools, predictive algorithms, and even their voice recognition engines.2) The #Pornocalypse, which is what I call the tendency of closed-platform internet companies that welcome adult content at first (using our stuff to accelerate platform adoption and growth) and then later evict all of us stinky sex-people once it's time to start courting the prudish/squeamish Wall Street or Silicon Valley moneybags investors.


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